Genesis 5020

My Story for His Glory

Part XXI-A Mighty Stream July 13, 2012

This week and last week has been what we in the fiction writing business would call character deepening or development. I’ve given you a glimpse into my inter-life instead of moving things along. Next week I will move the plot again, and rather quickly.

Today I am going to share one more encounter with God.

To other writers who are reading this; I know there are a ton of passive verbs. I wrote this before I knew what a passive verb even WAS (passive verb) but wanted to keep it close to the real thing, so forgive me : )

See His love, feel it. Pictures yourself in the moment. Make it your own. Know that His words are not for me only, but for all. For you.

August 16, 2009

I was mediating on the words, “I run in the path of your commands for you have set me free.”

I saw myself running on a path in the woods. The sun streamed through the tree leaves. It was warm and beautiful as I ran, feeling like my heart was free.

All was yellow and green around me. My hair blew behind me. I flung my arms wide up while I ran. I twirled around.

The next thing I knew I stood beside a stream and there my Savior, my Lover, my Friend, sat upon a rock. He turned to me and smiled as if He were expecting me. I’m sure he was. He was radiant.

“Come sit with me,” He spoke gently.

Beside Him sat an empty rock, so I ambled down and sat with Him.

He immediately took both my hands in His and asked what was on my heart today. I told Him and He imparted words of wisdom, words of peace. He knew my hurts, my disappointments before I even spoke them. He assured me that all things happen in His time and He would provide me that timing, it would be perfect.

Then I lifted up my prayers. I asked for wisdom, He said He already gave that to me. That I need to stay in His Word and there I would find it.

All this time he still held my hands.

He then urged me to just let Him speak to my heart. He let go of my hands and stood over me. I faced the stream and closed my eyes.

I felt the heat of the sun, the warm, gentle breeze dance in my hair, I heard the birds sing me a song and I heard the stream.

It was then that I felt Him speak to me.

My love for you is like that stream, my life in you is like that stream. It never runs dry, it is constant, always there.”

He then poured His love on me. Whispering that I have captured His heart. I kept hearing that; I have captured His heart.

It was overwhelming and beautiful.

But He knew. He knew I was still troubled by something I shared earlier. Again, He sat down and took my hands. He looked deeply into my eyes and shared my burdens.

He told me again I should not be anxious. These where not my burdens to bare, that he had them, they were His. I should just be filled with peace.

Finally, I  felt myself let go. I fell to my knees before Him and poured my love out to Him.

Oh, I love Him so.

He held my head to His chest and stroked my hair. He knew I loved Him.

I told Him I was so sorry for all the times I didnt’ show it, or live it.

He knew and He forgave me. He reminded me someday we would be together forever and I would truly feel His arms around me. For now He has given me Patrick to hold me. When I feel Patrick I am to feel Him.

Someday we will have real moments like this. I don’t question how, I just know we will.

I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free. Psalm 119:32 NIV

Who has God given to you right now to hold you until He can? A spouse, a parent, a child, a friend?


2 Responses to “Part XXI-A Mighty Stream”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Aww…Melissa you have inspired me to write about a time God showed me how He has cared for me through my father here on earth:) I didnt realize it until I was an adult and a Christian but my Dad was my peace & comfort as a child in this broken world. My parents divorced when I was 5 and my sister was 1, we lived with my mom and we were always on the run with her. We moved away and I missed the comfort my dad gave. When we stayed with him every other weekend, I felt I could finally rest and I could trust that we were ok and I KNEW we were safe. I have shared with my dad just receintly that I now see how he has reflected Jesus over the years…I think its pretty awesome how God does that=)
    I also remember a night probably about 10 yrs ago, it was soon after I became a Christian, I was terrified and cld not sleep so I prayed. Jesus asked me, Where and when did you feel comfort from this type of fear? and I told him, with my Dad, Lord, cuz I knew he always had my back. Jesus said, “Tammy, Ive got your back,baby! I will calm ALL of your fears with my love…now rest!”

    God is so kind and I am so humbled right now and I know that He still has my back!
    Thanks Melissa for inspiring me again, if I write more I will share it with you=) I really miss my writing classes!

    • Thanks for sharing Tammy. What an awesome reminder that God has our back. Last night I had trouble sleeping. I kept imagining horrible things taking place. I started quoting every verse I knew in my mind. Sleep found me and I found rest, in my Father’s arms through His word. Melissa Finnegan


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