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It’s an Honor to be Nominated October 1, 2012

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I know this seems totally random, I normally don’t post on Mondays but I won the One Lovely Blog Award. Linden Barrick awarded me with this honor. You should check out her blog, Hello God, Welcome to my Classroom. I enjoy reading Linden’s posts because she is a teacher as well and I can relate to many of her thoughts.

According to the rules of winning the award I need to recognize the person who awarded me with this honor (I did). Tell you seven things about myself and nominate other bloggers for the award.

My seven things:

1) I love potatoes. Anyone who knows me is nodding right now because I really LOVE potatoes.

2) I am left-handed.

3) I love algebra, all thanks to Mr. Brink, he was the best math teacher. He believed in me. I never thought I could be good at math, but Mr. Brink told my parents I could be, so I was. The power of words. Before long I was setting the curve and pulling straight  A’s in every class, all because one teacher believed in me.

4) I have an obsession with Downton Abby. I will purchase season three when it comes out just so I can watch the whole season before everyone else does and talks about it on their blogs.

5) I sang a solo in Carnegie Hall (way cool).

6) The weirdest thing I have ever eaten: nothing. I love to eat and refuse to waste a meal on something I might not like, so I play it safe. Just ask my husband, it drives him crazy.

7) I won the lip-sink contest at my sister’s birthday party, I can’t remember how hold she was, had to be around eight and I was twelve. I did Tiffany’s “I Think Were Alone Now.” Yes, I am THAT good 🙂

Now, to nominate some winners…….

Check out The Respected Husband. This blog is geared towards men, but I love hearing his advice for marriage.

The Peaceful Wife is the Respected Husband’s wife, insightful stuff.

Bree’s Mackinac Island blog is one of my favorites. She lives on the island in the summer but keeps up on island news in the winter and has amazing photos.

Fiction Addiction Fix lists tons of giveaways. I put mine on their every week. I have won several books from the listings on this blog.

Sherri Stone, faith, fiction and following the plan.

Undivided, a blog about one women’s journey to faith and the challenges along the way.

If you have a minute check out these other blogs, I pray you will be blessed.

Thank you all for traveling this journey with me, God is doing some really cool stuff!


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