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Bruised and Battered-Part 6 December 28, 2012

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prayer-close1[2]I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I pray you will have a happy New Year. Will this be the year you share your Genesis 5020?

We continue with Heather’s Genesis 5020 today.

The day after my boyfriend left, his friend, John, called my phone looking for him.  I told him what had happened. He didn’t say too much at the time. 

The following day John called back.  This time he wanted to know if I could get him some drugs.  I said of course, I had great connections from using myself and from supplying my boyfriend while he was in prison. 

John came over and bought some drugs.  Then he hung out for the day. 

I had the feeling he didn’t really have a place to go so I didn’t rush him out and besides, it was nice to have someone to hang out with after I had just had my heartbroken.  He did leave for a few days but I was having car trouble and didn’t know who to call so I called John to see if he could help me.  So he came back. 

There really wasn’t much that could be done about my car but he looked at it anyway.  I ended up asking him if he wanted to stay with me.  He didn’t have anywhere else to go so he stayed. 

John knew what I did for a living and he said he was okay with it.  He said he normally wouldn’t be but since I was a prostitute when he met me he had to accept it. 

When I would work, he’d stay home and watch my daughter. 

I hated working.  I always had to be drunk and high to go see a customer

John didn’t work, he had been in prison twice for domestic battery so it was really hard for him to find a job.  I had to continue to work as a prostitute to support myself, my daughter and now John.

One night I came home from seeing a customer, I was drunk of course, and John and I got into an argument. 

I called him the b-word. He put his hands around my throat.  I dropped to the floor to escape his grasp.  He then grabbed the hair on top of my head and dragged me from the bedroom to the kitchen, screaming at me. 

I shut up at that point, afraid of what else he would do. He stopped and calmed down after a while.  I told him he needed to get out of my apartment and not come back. 

He packed his belongings and called someone to come pick him up.  While he was waiting for his ride, I sobered up and started to feel sorry for him.  I knew I shouldn’t have said what I did and he really had no place to go.  I talked to him and made him promise to never do anything like that again and I let him stay.

Things were okay for the next couple of weeks.  I worked and looked for a real job.  I even had a couple interviews but was never hired.  John even looked for a job but found nothing.

One day John was laying down and I turned on the bedroom light.  He told me to turn off the light or he would kick me in my face.  I quickly responded, “If you kick me, you won’t have a place to live.” 

I turned off the light then sat down on the bed next to him.  He kicked me in my face. I stood up and told him to get out. 

He stood up and slapped me hard across the face.  Then he threw me on the bed

Every time I tried to get up, he would slap me and throw me on the bed. 

My daughter saw some of what he did to me.  John did close the door when I asked him to so she didn’t have to see what he was doing.  I called a friend of mine while John stood over me telling me that I didn’t matter because I’m a woman and he’s a man so what he says is the law. 

When I made that phone call, John thought I had called the police so he took my phone away from me.  He said that if the police showed up, he was going to beat my face into the ground.  I said, “Oh, so you’re going to kill me then?”  He told me if he got in trouble one more time, he would get 15-life in prison so if he was going to go back for that long, he was going to make it worth it. 

The police never came, John calmed down.  I told him he had to get out.  He packed all his belongings and got a ride and left this time.

Then Jesus made a circuit of all the towns and villages. He taught in their meeting places, reported kingdom news, and healed their diseased bodies, healed their bruised and hurt lives. When he looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd. “What a huge harvest!” he said to his disciples. “How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!” Matthew 9:35-38 Msg

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3 Responses to “Bruised and Battered-Part 6”

  1. Tikisha nieto Says:

    Heather is truly living proof God is good! Amen I love u and so proud of u,u are an amazing women and great mother…I know who u are,were,and is a beautiful women,a child of God.

    • Kisha, I don’t know you personally but Heather has told me you were there for her a lot. I have no doubt God can do for you what He has done for Heather. I am praying for you and your children.

    • Heather Spiegel Says:

      Thank you, Kisha! I love you & I am so grateful that we are still friends. I am praying for you & I know God is working on your heart! You are a strong & amazing woman!

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