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Finding Me-Part 9 January 18, 2013

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2451-1270391151QGRp[1]You will start to notice that I will begin posting on Mondays occasionally. I am not going to promise a schedule, at least once a month, probably more.

On Mondays I am going to start reviewing books, fiction and non-fiction. I will often have a giveaway as well. Many of these books won’t even be released yet. I am very excited to offer this to you. I hope it will help you add some great books to your library.

Only a couple more weeks of Heather’s Genesis 5020. When will you share your’s? 5020genesis(at)gmail(dot)com

I got off the plane in Detroit where my mom and my aunt were waiting for us.  We hugged and greeted each other.  I really had no idea what to say or how to act. 

I had no idea who I was any more

I felt love from my family, they were happy my daughter and I were back home.

The first Sunday we were home, we went to my sister’s church, elem3nt.  I felt so welcomed there.  Nobody knew my story, just that I had had a hard time in Vegas. 

My sister (and my parents) had been praying for me to come home.  That Sunday while she was leading worship, she shared with the congregation that God does answer prayers and my daughter and I were proof of that because there we were. 

Tears came to my eyes, I was loved, my family still loved me even though I hadn’t talked to them in so long, they prayed for me all this time. 

A woman I didn’t even know came up to me after the service and gave me a hug and said she had been praying for me too. 

I was just starting to see Christ’s love poured out through these people.  It was amazing!

I continued to go to church every Sunday and was moved every week by the messages.  I realized I was exactly where God wanted me to be and I accepted Him back into my heart. 

He truly transformed me from the inside out. 

My sexual desires, my desire to do drugs, drink and smoke, slowly went away.  I had an opportunity to be intimate with an old friend of mine but I couldn’t, something was holding me back, it was the Holy Spirit.  I was finally getting it, I was getting to know God on more than just a head knowledge level, I was experiencing God!  He lived in me and helped me through each and every day.

During my pregnancy, John had only emailed me a couple times then I stopped hearing from him.  I was glad he wasn’t looking for me because I didn’t know what he would do to me if he found me.

In the spring of 2010, I had the opportunity to go to Women of Faith with my sister.  It was an awesome weekend. 

The whole time I felt God tugging on my heart to tell my sister about the things I had done while living in Vegas.  I was so ashamed of my past, I thought there was no way I could ever tell her. 

But God had other plans. 

On our way home from Ohio, my sister confessed to me a secret she had been keeping about something she had done.  I had always thought my sister was “the good one.”  Now I got to see her humanness.  That opened the door for me to share with her what I had done.  We both cried and I felt love from her.  She knew what I had done and she still loved me. 

On July 26, 2010, I gave birth to a wonderfully beautiful baby girl.  She was so precious.  She looked a lot like her father.  I didn’t put his name on the birth certificate because I didn’t want him to find out where we were living.

I lived with my parents until December 2010, then I bought my own trailer.  I finally had my own house, it belonged to me. 

My parents helped me out a lot.  They showed me what unconditional love is.  I was learning about the Father’s love through my parents. 

But I have to be honest, there was still a voice in the back of my head that questioned if they would still love me if they knew everything I had done.

God definitely had a hand in Heather going to Women of Faith. My friend, Deanna, was supposed to go, she had the ticket purchased. She ended up having to stay home to take care of her mother.

I asked several other woman if they wanted to purchase Deanna’s ticket so they could go. No one could.

Finally, Deanna said she really felt she was supposed to give her ticket to Heather. So she did.

I will never forget how the Holy Spirit made me spit out my sin. My heart pounded like crazy in my chest. I didn’t want tell my sister, my family thought I had it all together.

It was a very awesome moment that changed the course of our relationship.

God is SO good!

What about you? Have you ever had a moment when you felt the Holy Spirit telling you to do or say something? How did you feel? Did you do it?


One Response to “Finding Me-Part 9”

  1. Dorothy Campbell Says:

    Oh Heather I’m so proud of you. You are truly a wonderful person and I admire for keeping such a strong faith in God. Keep doing well for yourself girl and know you are loved. ❤

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