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Review: Learning to Love March 11, 2013

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Learning to Love by Heidi and Rolland Baker

From the back cover of Learning to Love:

What does LOVE look like?

Love is food and comfort to a ten-year-old amputee, abandoned on the side of the road

Love is a new roof for an elderly widow installed before the rainy season

Love is sharing hope with the homeless man on your street corner

Love is not just an ideal. Love is action. Love looks like something.

Because if you don’t stop, who will?

My thoughts:

Learning to Love is a book full of stories and experiences from Heidi and Rolland and their ministry in Mozambique and the amazing signs and wonders they are witnessing their and they do it out of complete love for the people.

One things that was stated many times through the book is “Love looks like something.”

Isn’t that true? If I tell my husband I love him but then never show him will he believe me?

Or if I tell my kids I love them but lay on the couch all day and never spend time with them, will they believe me?

No. Love does look like something. This book will challenge you to  examine what love looks like in your life. How are you living out the Christ-like love you claim to have?

Some other great quotes from the book are:

“I am not qualified to do what I do.” p. 12

“If you’re not in love, why serve, why minister, why turn up at church, why go to another meeting?” p. 34

“Love God and love the one in front of you.” p. 54

That’s just a taste of some of the things you will encounter if you pick up this book. If you enjoy reading stories of missionaries you will love this book.

I received an egalley of this book from Chosen Books, a division of Baker Publishing, in exchange for an honest review.


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