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Laura’s Story Part One April 19, 2013

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Before we get into our Genesis 5020 I wanted to share with you that I did a guest post on Cleo Lampos blog this week. She is the author who shared on Wednesday. Her blog is about teachers. I shared how God used my current teaching position in a way I never imagined. If you have a minute stop by, it’s a short post. Click here.

Our new Genesis 5020 is given by Laura Urenda, the founder of My Sister Song. This is the out reach Heather (my sister) in now a part of. It is an honor to have Laura share her story with us.

I hope you will once again be touched by God’s goodness, mercy and grace as you read her story for God’s glory!

I grew up in a little city here in MI and was raised by simple parents from the South and I’m a coal miner’s daughter to be specific. My parents left the mountains and treachery of the mines to come here to the Motor City in order to build a better life in the 50’s. 

First came my sister and the old black and white family photos reveal a “Leave It To Beaver” type of life that was soon to change when I came along thirteen years later in the 60’s. 

When I was born my father was deep into his alcoholism and our home was an unpredictable nightmare filled with everything from watching my mother being beaten down in front of us, to a vast array of other graphic images and inappropriate behaviors that we had to endure. 

old-child-swing-1358169948FsnI realized later in life that I suffered from chronic anxiety as a child, as there were many late night emergency room visits often times by ambulance.  I would awaken from sleep unable to breathe or swallow and was eventually told by a doctor there was nothing wrong with me so I must be faking. 

When one doctor finally thought to bring the idea of abuse into question, my parents quickly smoothed it over and the subject was tucked back away safely behind closed doors where it would continue to breed. 

Fast forward now to my teen years in the 70’s. My sister being 13 years older had already been on her own for many years, so I struggled in that house alone with the belief that I was unlovable, feeling desperate to be free from the ongoing stress and confusion of living in such depths of dysfunction. 

It seemed like I went from playing with baby dolls and Barbies right into sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. 

In my early teens I already had an insatiable appetite for almost any drug I could get my hands on and was swept away by the first guy who gave me any attention and was quite a bit older than me. He spent most of his younger years in some sort of juvenile lockdown and was very heavily into PCP . 

So I ran away from home and moved around a lot and was basically a street kid crashing with my boyfriend wherever we could. It was during this time that he pressured me to give up my virginity to him with the threat of leaving me if I didn’t, so naturally I did. This was the first of many sick, unfulfilling relationships that would follow for many years. 

Fast forward to my 20’s in the 80’s. 

At this point I had my first unwanted pregnancy that I immediately terminated and I was involved in criminal activities with another convict. Back then we “rolled guys” which meant I lead them on and ripped them off.  

My boyfriend and I would enter strip clubs separately and I’d zero in on a target. Then pretending to be intoxicated and very interested in him, we’d leave together with my boyfriend near by.  I’d grab his wallet containing cash, credit cards, and pictures of his wife and kids and took off with my boyfriend.

Eventually we were busted for another scam we had going at a major department store so I was cuffed, stuffed, booked, and had my first police record.  

I was so sick of my life at that point that I decided to do something different so I joined the Army. I was an active Army Medic for 3 years which proved to be a good experience that gave me an opportunity to see another side of life, and to have some unique experiences that allowed me to begin to grow at least a little. 

Unfortunately I was still using drugs and had my second unwanted pregnancy that I dealt with the same as first. 

After spending most of my tour in Germany, I finished my time in service here in the States where I met Steve, the man I would marry after knowing him only 4 months and we moved to CA where he’s originally from to begin our life together. 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:11-13


6 Responses to “Laura’s Story Part One”

  1. Laura Urenda Says:

    Thank you Melissa for seeing value in my story for your blog. You are welcome to any of the stories on our website at any time. I hope you won’t mind if I share your link on occasion on our facebook page as it will provide another opportunity for inspiration and encouragement for the women we serve! You ROCK lady!

    • Laura, what a blessing to here from you, I got chills. I can’t wait to meet you one day soon. Heather has nothing but wonderful things to say about you! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. And share away, that is what this blog is for, sharing our stories.

      Melissa Finnegan


  2. Laura Urenda Says:

    Well that is exactly what I did.. Check it out 🙂!/MySisterSong?fref=ts Can’t wait to meet you too. I’ve heard a lot about you as well… What a precious sister Heather has in YOU!!!

  3. Traci Says:

    I just love this woman! I hope everyone takes time to check out her ministry and at the very least give her an “Atta girl!”

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