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A Beautiful Melody July 26, 2013

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northern-cardinal-1306002400pCGThe other morning I was sitting outside trying to pray. I sensed God tell me to close my eyes and listen to the birds. So I did.

I have taken a new interest in birds, I even have a bird feeder in my yard that we finally have gotten the squirrels to stay out of. I love seeing the birds fly around but my favorite thing to see is when they take the time to stop and eat at my bird feeder.

Anyway, I closed my eyes and I heard the birds. Together they made a beautiful melody even though they were singing many different songs. I could pick different songs out but I could also enjoy the sound of there songs blending together to make a beautiful melody.

God whispered to me this is what He hears when his children pray. He hears us all and it is a beautiful melody to Him, but He can also hear us as individuals.

Just like the birds when they land on the bird feeder they stop singing and enjoy the food. That is what God wants from us; to land on Him, rest in Him, in His embrace, stop talking and rest, and listen.

Resting, and listening to Him are His favorite parts.

I have learned from the birds and their melody, God does indeed hear all of our prayers, our cries, or moans and our complaints. They make a beautiful melody up in Heaven. And just as I love when my birds come and eat at my bird feeder my Heavenly Father loves it when I come and taste and see His goodness and simply rest in Him.

Yes, it is a beautiful melody.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him! Psalm 34:8 NLT

I have two favorite birds. My all time favorite is the cardinal, I love their technicolor red, but I also love the blue jay, even though they are mean. Their tail feathers are amazing, only God could create that mosaic. What about you, what is your favorite bird?


2 Responses to “A Beautiful Melody”

  1. chandra bauer Says:

    I’ve also taken up a new love of birds this year (thanks to a client) and have put feeders out. I love watching them! I get all kinds of interesting characters at my feeders. I really enjoy the hummingbirds!

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