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Fight For Your Marriage August 9, 2013

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hands-with-heartsIf you are single please don’t skip this post. Just keep reading, we need you.

My heart is burning today so instead of sharing a devotion I want to ask you to pray. This post will be short because I want you to truly take the time to pray today.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that we need to fight for our marriages. I keep hearing and/or reading about the difference between fighting in our marriages vs. fighting for them. I don’t know about you but most of the time I feel I am fighting in mine and I want to fight for it.

Marriage is under attack. Adultery is more rampant than any of us realize. We need to take back what Christ has given us. He gave us marriage as a picture of what our relationship should look like with Him. How does your picture look? Does it even come close to looking like Jesus and His Bride?

We need to be a generation that rises up as an army, and says “No more.” We won’t let the enemy have his way in our lives, in our children’s lives. We won’t give up, we will keep fighting. Fighting for God’s best.

We have fallen short. We have settled for, “This is the best it will get.” That is lie. It can be so much better, we have no clue and that is right where the enemy wants us. It does get better, it is better.

Today I ask that you take a minute and pray for marriages all over the world. If you know people who are struggling, pray for them. If you are struggling, pray. If you are single pray for your future marriage, pray for those who are married. We need to be people on our knees, better yet, on our faces.

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6 (ESV)

If you need prayer you can leave a comment. No need to leave specifics, the Holy Spirit knows what is going on. I would love to you lift you up today.


2 Responses to “Fight For Your Marriage”

  1. I posted this on fb because I know so many people whose marriages have already been blindsided by adultery and the seeming 180 of the husband’s personality and commitment. I can count at least four people in my circles who have been abandoned by their spouse this year alone. There is a full scale assault on marriage, and it is coming in many forms. My family is battling unemployment, and though our commitment seems to be strong, financial stress is a worm eating the core strength out of both of us. I am joining you in prayer, my friend!

    • Thanks for sharing the post and thank you for joining me in prayer. Once my husband and I shared our story of my adultery,everyone referscouples to us and we are so glad. We know God won’t waste our pain but will use it to bring restoration to others. But it also makes us very aware of all that is going on and itmore than anyone realizes.I know just as many women who have commited adultery as men, and that might be the biggest surprise of all 😦

      Melissa Finnegan


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