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Jesus is Enough October 25, 2013

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feet-in-chainsIs Jesus really enough? Do you really believe it? Deep down in your very being, is He enough to heal your wounds, your marriage, take away your shame, set you free from addictions?

If you said yes, do you live like that is true or do you live a defeated lifestyle?

I was sent a video a couple of weeks ago and I sat there and wept as I watched. I realized I often live like Jesus isn’t enough. I often live like I have to hold onto my chains, like I am afraid to let them go because I might go back.

I thought I would share this video with you. I hope you will be as touched by it as I was and know that Jesus is enough.

Check the video out here.

In what way do you need Jesus to be enough today?


2 Responses to “Jesus is Enough”

  1. Jolene Nofzinger Says:

    WOW!!! Powerful words of truth I needed to hear today! Fits perfectly with what we have been studying in the Made to Crave study – and great encouragement for my struggles with living a healthy lifestyle. JESUS IS ENOUGH!!!

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