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Called to Stay by Caleb Breakey November 5, 2013

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Called to Stay: An Uncompromising Mission to Save Your Church


Caleb Breakey

From the back cover:

Will You Stay?

Caleb Breakey prays to God you do.

In Called to Stay Breakey takes a refreshingly honest look at the church, the problem of Millennials leaving, and the stark reality of why the church desperately needs them. He holds nothing back as he unleashes an ambitious rallying cry to heal the church and inject his generation’s desire for truth, passion, and conviction into other believers.

Caleb knows that answering the challenge of his own generation leads to a transformed church.

And a changed church can change the world.

My thoughts:

This book should be in every church library, every pastor should read this, and every believer who wants to reach others for Christ (which should be all of us) should have this book in their hands.

Called to Stay is not for those people who are upset about the color the walls, or the type of carpet in the church. This book is for those that are frustrated with that type of thinking, who long for more in their church, who are considering leaving their church because people around them seem content with surface level Christianity.

Caleb encourages believers to become infiltrators in their churches, to be examples of what we know Christ has called us to be.

This book is really so much more than calling believers to stay, it really is a book on deeper faith.

I highly recommend this book to any believer how wants more for their church, who is tired of surface level Sunday mornings. We can make a difference, we can do this together through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s stay 🙂

Check out this video, so touching. Click here.

Visit Caleb’s website here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Deeper Shopping and Books-A-Million.

A copy of this book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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