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Write to the Point with Cheri Swalwell January 8, 2014

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Cheri_portrait-7This week we get write to the point with Cheri Swalwell. You can check the first interview I did with her here. Then read on to learn what she is up to these days.

Tell us about your newest book.

From my earliest childhood memories, I have been someone who lives with fear. Two years ago, God started laying the groundwork for me to lay down the stronghold of fear and work on overcoming through faith that God really was powerful enough to protect and provide, in all areas. While I had made some improvements, fear still was present. In 2013, our family went on a journey which forced me to choose: Fear in the circumstances we were facing or faith in my Heavenly Father. Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith tells that story.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

My biggest joy is being a wife and mother, so when I’m not writing or working my other job, I’m spending time with my family. I’m privileged to work from home, so even when I am working, I’m still surrounded by family. This Christmas season is the first one in four years where God gave me a full week to relax, refresh, and just be with my family without a huge agenda that needed to be accomplished first. Instead of feeling guilty for lost income, I chose to live in faith that God would supply for our budget and thanked Him for supplying the time to just be. As of the time of this writing, I’m still trusting that our budget will be covered and I’m actually quite peaceful (and rested).

Where do you get your ideas?

God gives them to me. Sometimes they come from snippets of a sermon or a thought during a quiet moment. Other times they come while I’m sleeping. I used to worry when they weren’t coming as fast as I wanted them to, but soon realized, when I give God my days, He always supplies exactly what’s needed when it’s needed, including what He wants me to write about. He gets all the glory for the successes – I take full credit for the mistakes made.

Do you outline or are you a seat-of-the-pants writer?

I outline but not in the traditional sense. Usually what I write about God has been working with me to overcome in my personal life or I’ve been privileged to help a friend walk through. Therefore, the concept is pretty cemented before I even sit down at the computer. Other times the message isn’t quite as deep – such as the time a blog came to me while my family and I were walking home from my in-laws. However, I pretty much know what will be written before I start to write.

Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published?

I began this journey writing fiction and thinking that was what God had planned for my life. Then He moved me in the genre of nonfiction and I have felt His calling and blessing through that venue, considering the possibility He might branch me out in the direction of a speaking career as well. However, I have probably ten fiction stories (some written, some just “written” in my head) that I think eventually I might want to pursue publication for as well. Right now, life is pretty busy with three kids, multiple jobs, and supporting my husband’s growing career. I’m curious about what God’s ultimate plans are for my life because if I’ve learned anything, it’s that God’s plans are always bigger and better than anything I could ever imagine.

Are you like any of the characters in your book?

I love all the characters in my book because most of whom I write about is my family. I also have been granted permission to quote some pretty influential people: Mark Batterson, Bob Goff, and Robert Morris to name a few. I have been inspired by the faith and authenticity of these men. My prayer is that my life reflects Christ the way theirs does. Their faith is contagious and my goal in life is to continue to pursue Jesus and the Spoken_from_the_Hear_Cover_for_Kindledeepest relationship with Him I can, because then I will be the best “me” God designed me to be. I may not be as bold as they are, as discussed in Days 5 and 6 of my book, but I pray that my faith, while quieter, speaks just as loudly.

Are you working on a new project now?

I feel God is leading down a path which will create a very busy 2014. I’m in the process of self-publishing five to six more books; five of them continuing the Spoken from the Heart series. The other book is very personal to me as well. It is tentatively titled, Empty Arms, Heavy Hearts, and is a compilation of twelve men and women’s stories of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and/or death of a child. The topic may be heartbreaking, but the book itself was written to offer hope to those who have struggled with any of these issues. Maybe a better title would be Hope through Heartbreak. I might consider that…

In addition, I am looking into expanding from a paperback and ebooks option to also offering audiobooks and/or an app for electronic devices that would read an excerpt daily from the different books being offered. Lastly, I would like to start incorporating video blogging along with my blog sometime in 2014. So, I project that 2014 will be a busy year and might spill into 2015 with my hand in multiple projects.

Anything you would like to add?

Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of being on your blog. You can find my book, Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith, in both ebook and paperback formats at both and Here are the links to make either shopping experience easier:


Deeper Shopping:


Cheri Swalwell is a Christ follower who thoroughly enjoys her calling to be a wife, mother, and writer, in that order. She has a degree in Psychology from Illinois State University and enjoys writing regularly for Book Fun Magazine and LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Cheri’s first book, Spoken from the Heart: Journey from Fear to Faith is available through Amazon.  She is also a contributing author in the book, 31 Devotions for Writers. To contact Cheri or to read one of her many articles on marriage, parenting, or relationships from a Christian perspective, visit her blog at: . She loves to interact with her readers, so send her an email at or “like” her on Facebook:

Thanks so much for sharing with my readers Cheri. I pray God continues to bless your writing.




4 Responses to “Write to the Point with Cheri Swalwell”

  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I had so much fun!

  2. Sharon Srock Says:

    Cheri, You know I love your devotions. I hope, someday, I can find the serenity I “hear” in your voice.

    • Sharon,

      Thank you for your kind words. Whatever serenity I have is completely from God. Without Him, I’m a scared mess. 🙂 Thanks for your friendship and I’m so excited to see the wonderful things God is doing in your life! Blessings to you and thanks for commenting.

      in Him,

      Cheri 🙂

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