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My Amish Boyfriend by Melody Carlson February 17, 2014

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my amish

My Amish Boyfriend


Melody Carlson



Shannon’s summer just got a whole lot more . . . Amish? Shannon McNamara has exciting plans for the summer–getting her driver’s license, a job, and more–and she can’t wait to dive in. But her ill mother has plans of her own: to relocate them both to the heart of Amish country in Ohio where she has relatives who can help her.
Turns out a “simple” life is actually a lot of hard work. But when a hot young Amish guy named Ezra enters the picture, Shannon’s ready to get an Amish makeover and even consider making it a permanent change. Will these plans come crashing down around her too? Or can she really make the jump into a whole new way of life?
Teen favorite Melody Carlson brings fans another surprising story of worlds–and families–colliding.

My thoughts:

This book is for that teen in your life who enjoys reading.

I enjoyed the dynamic between Shannon and her mom. Shannon really cares about her sick mother and has taken on the responsibility of taking care of her. As summer comes around a neighbor arranges for Shannon and her mom to go visit family. Little does Shannon know, her family is Amish.

As we move into “Amishland”, as Shannon calls it, we watch Shannon get to know grandparents, aunts and uncles she’s never met. She has a rough time adjusting to the Amish way of life and has a couple of embarrassing episodes with her Grandfather.

Then she meets Ezra. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the way this relationship started. Shannon almost immediately thinks she’s in love him and in less than twenty-four hours they are having a major kissing session and Shannon is thinking about becoming Amish. I expected to Ezra have more restraint but he didn’t seem to care.

Now, I do realize sixteen-year-old girls can be fickle but it seemed a bit rushed for me, especially considering this is Christian fiction.

But that’s my only negative. Like I said, I really enjoyed the part of the story about Shannon adjusting to her family and dealing with her mom.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Deeper Shopping or Books-A-Million.

Visit Melody’s website here.

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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