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Reaching April 4, 2014

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1275-1245719193VBNdI heard a speaker a couple of weeks ago talk about being jealous. Who hasn’t been jealous at one time or another?

I have struggled with this issue a lot in my life. I think it comes naturally for those of us who sing or perform in some way.

What the speaker said really stayed with me. She said we are jealous when we feel there is something to be grasped, or when we are reaching for something other than what we already have.

As I thought about those words I realized how true they are. When I feel jealousy rise up in me it is because I think I need what someone else has. For me that is often times praise or recognition. I am reaching into the world for something that isn’t mine but I want.

I am reaching horizontally…into the world….for my fulfillment.

God revealed to me that the only time I should be reaching is when I am reaching vertically, toward Heaven. Jesus opened Heavens gates for us and all we need can be found in Heaven’s blessings, in Jesus.

Why would I reach horizontally when the world really has nothing for me, when I could be reaching vertically into the greatest blessings that are beyond my imagination?

I think of my worship and how I love to raise my hands in adoration to my King. I think of it has reaching for Jesus, as a child reaches up for a parent. Sometimes I just want to stretch and touch Him.

Pick me up, hold me. Isn’t that what the child is saying? Isn’t that what we are really saying when we go reaching? The question is which way are we reaching? Who are we asking to hold us? The world or Jesus?

Reach vertically, toward Jesus. No jealousy there, His arms are big enough to hold all of us.

What have you been reaching for lately? Do you find yourself reaching horizontally or vertically?




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