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Write to the Point with Tina E. Pinson April 30, 2014

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Pinson_Tina_WebsiteImageToday we get write to the point with Tina Pinson. I interviewed Tina a while ago. If you would like to read her first interview click here. Read to the end, she has a giveaway for you.

Tell us about your newest book.

My latest releases are Then There Was Grace and Christmas in Shades of Gray. Also the fourth in my Shadow Series — This Shadowed Land came out as well.
Today I want to take a closer look at Then There Was Grace. The story was written during the month after the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11.
Then There was Grace tells the story of a man Adam, who is ready to leave his wife Grace, when she is taken from him in a tragic event, leaving him to raise his twin 4 year-old daughters, Faith and Hope.
Adam walks through the aftermath, trying to deal with life beyond Grace and the grace he fills no one would ever give him when they learn he was preparing to leave Grace.
I suppose it’s my attempt at trying to understand what took place and whether the human race understood how much grace God continues to give them.
What do you do when you’re not writing?

I probably get lazier then I should and spend more time reading. Usually when I’m not writing, it’s because I’m having a hard time focusing and getting it down on paper. The past few months life itself has offered up a struggle and I fight to get sat down and write. Well, actually, I have been getting some writing, now it’s just getting it put into the computer.
Where do you get your ideas?

I get ideas from stories I might have seen or things in life. As I said Then There was Grace came from what was happening in the world. ThenThereWasGraceCoverArtChristmas in Shades of Gray is fictional look at my father in laws life. Other stories are taken from things that have happened in my life and many are pure imagination. Several what if’s as well. Like watching an old movie and asking myself what would happen if the characters were such and such and something else happened.
Do you outline or are you a seat-of-the-pants writer?

I am for the most part a seat-of-the-pants writer. I say most part, because I will write up little point outlines from time to time so I remember what I thought about and need to get in the story. But I have never started a story from outline. Although since most of my stories come to me in dreams, they may be considered an outline of sorts.
Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published?

No, I can’t say I have. Some I haven’t even tried to get published yet. But most, I would say, I just had to take some time before I was about to get them into the hands of a publishing house.
Are you like any of the characters in your book?

I do use some of my characteristics in my characters. I would say Rebekah from The Shadow Series is fashioned some after me. As is Sam in Touched By Mercy. Rebekah looks more like me and is somewhat of a tomboy like me, then I allowed her to do things I always dreamed of. Sam is fashioned more after my emotional character.
Are you working on a new project now?

I am working on a few stories, some that I’ve been working on for a time. I also started a sequel of sorts to Touched By Mercy, called Tamed By Mercy, and am working on a novella called Her Secret Garden.
Anything you would like to add?
As a writer, one of my greatest hopes is that I leave a legacy of words that glorify God and direct others to the truth. I realize my books are fiction, but I do believe that God gifts storytellers with imagination to reach those who might not stop into a church or pick up a bible. Getting my books into the hands of readers is not an easy task, so I would covet your prayers for my writing and for each life my writing touches.
Thank you so much for letting me visit today. Those who leave a comment will be entered into a drawing for an eBook copy of Then There Was Grace. Tell me how fiction has touched your life?

Thank you, Tina, for visiting with us today.

Readers, let Tina know how fiction has touched your life and you will be entered in a drawing to an eBook of her book. Leave your comment by May 7th at 5:00 pm for your chance to win.


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