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Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray June 3, 2014

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Finding Spiritual Whitespace

About the Book: Finding Spiritual Whitespace is memoir-driven guidebook for anyone longing to create space in life to draw closer to God, to rest and discover who they can become when rest becomes their heart’s everyday home.

This book chronicles Bonnie’s heartbreaking journey through painful memories, how a childhood dream unexpectedly launched her into a debilitating journey through panic attacks, insomnia and anxiety — and how creating space to feed her soul led her to create a better story for her life, one filled with beauty and meaning.

The book explores how our lives are like God’s artwork, exploring ways to create space for beauty, rest and soul care. Just as beautiful art needs whitespace, we need whitespace. We need rest. Whitespace is not blank space. It breathes beauty.

Who This Book Is For:  

Take the journey to find rest. Uncover your stories.  Make room for you. For God. For Rest.

Using soulful journaling prompts for individual reflection or intimate group discussion at the end of each chapter, anyone longing for rest in today’s fast paced and stress-frayed schedules can take the journey to find rest, feed their souls, rejuvenate and make room for beauty, for God and rest.

My thoughts:

As I have mentioned before I am pretty picky about non-fiction books because I really engage with stories and non-fiction isn’t stories….usually. But every once in a while an author will come along who can write so beautifully and smoothly that my heart is once again wrecked for Jesus.

That is exactly what Bonnie Gray has done with Finding Spiritual Whitespace.

This book was not what I expected at all, it was far better.

I requested to review this book because I need to find whitespace in my life. So I expected this book to be a list of things you can do to make that happen.

This book is not a list. This book is the baring of one woman’s soul to reveal our need for spiritual whitespace.

Bonnie shares her story within the pages of this book. Her story is one of heartache and denial. Of lost dreams and stolen innocence.

Bonnie shared so many things that touched me but on p. 116 she writes as she looks back on her abuse: “It hadn’t bothered me since I was ten years old. Every now and then , it crossed my mind if I heard something in the news or saw a scene in a movie. But I never dwelt on it. Jesus already brought me through it. I’m already a victor in Christ, right?”

Denial. I lived in that for thirty years, just as Bonnie wrote.

On p. 157 Bonnie is talking about her lost dreams, she writes, “Sometimes we can guard our hearts so capably and well it takes the tenderness o f pain to awaken them back to life. So they can say yes to God and let Him back in.”

Yep, that was me. Until I dealt with my past abuse I guarded my heart against my dream of writing.

This isn’t a book you might think you are gaining a lot from as you read, but as you reflect and ponder you will gain a deeper understanding of the places in your life you have neglected and what Jesus is calling you to now.

Highly recommended for any woman who wants to go deeper. It might be painful but it will be beautiful.

Watch the book trailer here.

Visit Bonnie’s website here.

Grab a copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



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