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How Mackinac Island is Like our Spiritual Lives (Part 1) August 8, 2014

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This is Mackinac Island from the shore of Mackinaw City. It's pretty hard to make anything out but the white lines are the Grand Hotel and the Fort.

This is Mackinac Island from the shore of Mackinaw City. It’s pretty hard to make anything out but the white lines are the Grand Hotel and the Fort.

This is a series of articles or devotions I’ve wanted to write for a few years. I don’t know why I kept putting it off but I am writing them now. Over the next few weeks I will share how I believe Mackinac Island, Michigan is like our spiritual lives. Hope you enjoy it.

Mackinac Island, Michigan is my all time favorite place in the world. My husband and I go every year. I went as a child several times as well but it wasn’t until I explored the island with my husband that I discovered this unique place has much more to offer then meets the eye.

This week I will talk about seeing the island from a distance.

If you visit Mackinaw City you can see the island from the shore. The Grand Hotel  and the Fort are prominent white figures that are easily spotted.

Standing on the shore of the city one might look upon the island and wish to visit that seemingly isolated spot. Maybe the onlooker has heard about the island, its beauty, serenity and longed to visit but just haven’t made the trek or time to do it. They see other people boarding the ferry and heading over. Everyone is smiling and looks so excited to go.

This is the visitor at our church. What do they see when they see you, someone who calls themselves a believer? Do they see someone who is excited to be at church or do they see grumpy faces, hear grumbles about the pastor or the music? Are you making Christianity look appealing? Are they longing for what you have?


This is the Grand Hotel. I never grow tired of looking at it as we cross Lake Huron and head to the island.

Someone who doesn’t know the Lord should be seeing something in us that they want, just like the onlooker wants to visit Mackinac Island. If people didn’t look excited to go, if they didn’t hear great things about this place, they wouldn’t want to visit.

Are we saying great things about Jesus? Or are we just like everyone else in the world? Looking out for ourselves, complaining about everything that doesn’t go our way?

Definitely some things we need to think about, I know I do. Even when we are just getting groceries, are we sharing a smile or so focused on our list we don’t look up to see the hurting around us? Yikes, I do this.

Next week we’ll make the trip to Mackinac Island, hope you’ll join me.

What drew you to Jesus? Did you see something in someone else that made you seek Him out? Was there a church that embraced you? We’d love to hear your stories, share in the comments.




4 Responses to “How Mackinac Island is Like our Spiritual Lives (Part 1)”

  1. KayM Says:

    Melissa, I also love Mackinac Island. I love the analogy you put forth. You have given us something to ponder 🙂

  2. […] Last week we visited Mackinaw City and saw Mackinac Island in the distance. If you missed that post you can read it here. […]

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