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Write to the Point with D.M. Webb September 3, 2014

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d.m.Today we get write to the point with D.M. Webb. D.M. visited us awhile ago. You can read her first interview here. Today she shares about her non-fiction book.

Tell us about your newest book.

I won’t say new new since it was published last year; but, it’s a devotional that is geared toward divorcees, widows/widowers, single parents, etc. Of course, anyone can read it and hopefully get an encouraging message from it. Basically, I took blog posts and journal writings from a three span and condensed them into a 30 day reading. Each day touches on what I endured not only during a spiritual journey, but as a widow and single parent. My ups and downs in life were more like the ebb and flow of a tide, pulling me one way and then another. I always prayed for that eddy so I could rest, but God pulled me through some hard times where I learned to take Mark 4:39 to heart. My faith was beaten, smelted, and burnished into it became an armor for me to wear. Then it was laid on my heart to tell my story…of course I tried to ignore it, but within three days I had it compiled. I hate bearing my soul, but I hope that somehow what I wrote will help others.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m either trying to market, or I’m reading, or I’m exploring my new hometown, or I’m antiquing, or I’m playing video games. It all depends. Soon I will start home schooling so that will add to more to my day.

Where do you get your ideas?

Sometimes I dream them. Or I can look at something: a truck, a map, a passage from the Bible and think, “Hey, that would make a great story!”. d.m. coverThen I would write down the idea in a journal and file it away for future use.

Do you outline or are you a seat-of-the-pants writer?

I use to say, seat-of-the-pants; but, I am discovering that I am starting to outline. Since I am sharing my computer with my son (home schooling needs), I have to outline what my chapters are about, point A to point Q, action 1 leads to action 5, etc. Especially have to do this since my publishers are interested in a follow-up story to Mississippi Nights.

Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published?

Not really….unless I count my middle grade book. I think I will add some more to it and pitch it later to my publishers once I get a few more books under my belt. Hopefully I can have the middle grade to be a series…a mystery series telling about the misadventures of a crime fighting duo.

Are you like any of the characters in your book?

None of the characters that I have written about are like me; although I do have one book I’m working on sporadically where the character has more of my characteristics. Probably one reason why it’s taking me so long to write the book.

Are you working on a new project now?

I’m actually working on two. One will be an e-book that’s a follow-up to Mississippi Nights. The other is a stand alone based in Alabama. I’m about five chapters or so away from its completion.

Anything you would like to add?

Oh, I love it when someone asks me that. My mind goes…blank. Other than saying that my favorite verse is Mark 4:39 and my favorite book ever written is The Blue Flower by Henry van Dyke, I can’t think of anything other than saying, “Thank you for hosting me! It means a lot to me, probably more than you know.”.

Thanks so much for sharing with my readers, it was great to hear from you again.


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