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How Mackinac Island is like our Spiritual Lives (Part 5) September 19, 2014

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Panoramic view from Fort Holmes

We have reached the interior of the island. Is your heart pounding from the up hill climb, are you ready to collapse? I know I am. But the beauty that now surrounds us just draws us deeper.

Before we know it we are off and riding our bikes, climbing more hills, whizzing down others. The wind rushes through our hair and we feel like kids again. Remember what it was like to ride your bike as a kid and zoom down hills? The air cool agaisnt your face. So free.

Once Patrick and I were in the interior we just kept riding. We had no clue where we were going but we felt like we were headed somewhere, like there had to be a destination.

The only problem was that we were going up hill again, but only small ones and only every once in a while. Nothing like Fort Hill. There were a few times that Patrick asked me is I wanted to turn around but I said no. I sensed we would end up some place I just had no idea where.

Soon (or maybe not so soon) we came to a dead end. I remember saying, “Are you kidding me? We rode all this way just to turn around?” And I almost did turn around without exploring where we ended up.

But Patrick urged me forward and we went to this “dead end”.

As we drove up we saw there was some type of fort. It was Fort Holmes. And it turned out we had reached the highest point on the entire island. We didn’t even know there was such a place.

We stood on the edge of a hill and looked out over the island. From this vantage point you can’t see downtown, you can’t see all the people. You see nothing

Fort Holmes

View from Fort Holmes

but trees and lake. Amazing. And we almost missed it. I almost turned around right before I got there because it looked like a dead-end. How wrong I was.

I had found my new favorite place on the island by accident.

So, how is this like our spiritual lives?

Well, some of us settle for downtown, some of us get more adventuresome and ride around the edges. Others of us will purposely climb the hill to the interior.

All of these are choices. Last week I said you don’t accidentally¬†end up in the interior of the island and you won’t accidentally end up going deeper with Jesus. It is an intentional choice.

But I think reaching a totally high spiritual moment can happen accidentally once you have gone deeper.

You see, as you delve deeper into a relationship with Jesus you will want more of Him. So you keep seeking out ways to experience all He has. At times you will feel like a child, other times you will feel like you are climbing another hill. But you keep going. You know there’s more. You feel it in your gut. So you keep going even though you don’t know where you will end up.

After all this time spent with Him you might start to question why you are doing this. Maybe you aren’t seeing any results in your prayers, maybe you aren’t seeing healing. Maybe people around you are asking why you are doing this? Why are you spending so much time with Jesus.

But you keep pressing on.

You might have several moments when you are so close to your highest spiritual moment but you think it’s a dead end and you turn around. But if you do you’ll miss it. Your greatest encounter could be up the next hill.

One day you press past the dead end and there you find it; this totally amazing encounter with the living God. The Holy Spirit falling on you in a way you never imagined and you think, “I didn’t even know this was here. I didn’t even know this was possible.” And you fall to your knees in adoration.

Have you had a moment like this? Do you want a moment like this? Then keep climbing. Keep pressing in. Jesus wants to give you more Him then we could ever dream to ask. So keep asking, keep seeking and you will find.

We have one last installment. Because now that you have experienced this island you must go back and tell others or how will they ever know it exists? We’ll talk more about that next week. Have a great weekend!


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