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Still, Small Voice October 10, 2014

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By Mr. Marco

By Mr. Marco

Happy Friday everyone!!

Today I wanted to share with you a cool thing that happened to my daughter this week that has reminded me to listen to that still, small voice, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit.

Sunday night my daughter was packing for her volleyball game and she grabbed her shorts. As she did something inside her made her think, Maybe I should pack my extra pair.

She told me later, “Mom, I never take an extra pair with me, but something told me I should. I almost didn’t do it but I packed them anyway.”

The next day as the girls were getting ready for their game another girl groans, “Oh, no. I forgot my shorts.”

My daughter dug out the never-packed-before pair of shorts and gave them to the girl to wear.


I realized and shared with her that she heard the Holy Spirit tell her to bring those shorts.

As we talked about this I wondered how many times I (we) don’t listen to that little voice inside of us and we miss the chance to bless someone else?

I know I don’t always listen to that voice. I will think, Oh, that’s a nice thought but I don’t have time for that. Ouch, am I squelching the Holy Spirit when I ignore that voice? Probably and therefore I have missed an opportunity to bless someone else.

My challenge to us all is to be very aware of those odd thoughts that come out of nowhere and be a blessing to someone. You may never know the impact you’ve had on their lives but Jesus does:)

Has this ever happened to you, maybe you listened to that voice, or someone blessed your because they did? We would LOVE to hear your story. Feel free to share in the comments.


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