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Ariella’s Story-Part One October 24, 2014

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By Jake Givens

By Jake Givens

Hi everyone, my name is Ariella. Melissa asked me if I would share my Genesis 5020 with you. I was a bit hesitant to do so but after much prayer I have decided to step out of the boat and trust that Jesus will use my story for His glory. Actually, He already has 🙂

My story probably begins before I even really remember. I know my parents fought a lot. They were on again off again, hot and cold. We would go months with peace in the house and then things would explode. I was really too young to pick up much but I heard phrases such as, “You choose her over your own child.”

I wondered who my dad was choosing over me because I never saw anyone else. Actually, I hardly ever saw him.

But I remember one glorious week when I was in second grade. I brought home my spelling list and Dad worked with me every night. I loved cuddling close to him as we went over my words. I wanted to do well to show him that when he spent time with me it would be worth it and I hoped he would do it every week.

I still remember the smell of his aftershave tickling my nose and knowing that was my daddy. His scent lingered much longer than he did, sticking to my blankets and pillows as I drifted off to sleep.

Friday came and I got every single word right. I couldn’t wait for Dad to get home from work so I could show him my test. A big 100% at the top and a smiley face.

I couldn’t wait to be wrapped in Daddy’s big arms and have him swing me in the air. He would never choose anyone else over me again.

I sat on the front porch steps and waited.

Mom called me in for dinner. Daddy was usually home by then but he wasn’t. I told her “no” I would wait for Daddy.

Soon the sun touched the horizon and I began to shiver from the cool evening, or at least that’s what I wanted to believe. I think I really started to shiver from fear. Did something happen to Daddy?

Mom finally dragged me off the steps and I cried. Mom’s face was stone, no expression. Didn’t she care that her husband wasn’t home yet?

She sent me to bed without making me brush my teeth. I knew something was wrong, she never let me slide on that.

I cried into my pillow, breathing in the scent of Daddy. Hoping that he was okay and that in the morning he would there so I could show him my test.

I never really talked to God. We didn’t go to church, but I heard other people talk about Him. So I sent up my first desperate prayer, Please let Daddy be okay. Bring him home to me so he can be proud of me.

That evening changed the course of my life.




One Response to “Ariella’s Story-Part One”

  1. Jolene Says:

    Thanks for stepping out and sharing Ariella. God will certainly use your story to bless others, in ways you may never know about, but that will sow seeds for His Kingdom!

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