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Laura and Me by Sylvia Peterson November 11, 2014

laura and me


Laura and Me is a unique look inside the mind and personality of serial pedophile Laura McCollum who is currently being held indefinitely at Washington State’s Commitment Center for violent, serial sex offenders. The author had an opportunity to meet with Laura over a period of nine years, during which she explored questions regarding her own childhood sexual abuse—questions such as, “Why did he do that to me?” “How could God let that happen?” “What do I need to do to heal?” Perpetrator and victim stood eye to eye as the author insisted Laura give her the answers, without which she refused to forgive her grandfather. The author discovered that Laura struggled to answer the same questions regarding her own childhood sexual abuse, but she also had others: “Can God forgive me after everything I’ve done?” “Will anyone ever be able to love me?” Laura and Me is the heart-wrenching true story of two women pursuing many of the same answers, but from polar positions. What they learned from each other changed them both forever. This book is an opportunity for other childhood sexual abuse survivors to make the journey of discovery along with them, traveling from pain to redemption and into healing.

My thoughts:

This book is a tough read emotionally. It is hard to read about what someone has done to a child. Selfish, hurtful acts. This is especially hard to read as a sexual abuse survivor but I think even if you have never been abused this will stir your heart.

There were times I was disgusted and angry and other times I felt great pity for Laura and wanted to see her redeemed.

Sylvia has taken a look at a very tough issue, something she has dealt with personally as well. I loved her raw honesty with her own feelings as she walked this journey. How she even slipped back into old feelings as things came to the surface.

If you wonder if healing is possible after abuse, or you want to gain a better understanding of the mind of an abuser this is a book you must read. It will leave you haunted and aching but with hope as well.

Visit Sylvia here.

Grab your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

An e-copy of this book was given to me by the publisher through in exchange for an honest review.


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