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Write to the Point with Ada Brownell November 12, 2014

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ada brownellToday we get write to the point with Ada Brownell. Ada has visited a couple of times before. You can read her previous interviews here and here. Read on to see what she’s up to now.

Ada Brownell, a devoted Bible student, has written for Christian publications since age 15 and spent much of her life as a reporter for The Pueblo Chieftain in Colo. She also is a veteran youth Christian education teacher. After moving to Missouri in her retirement, she continues to write books, free lance for Sunday school papers, Christian magazines, write op-ed pieces for newspapers, and blogs with stick-to-your-soul encouragement. She is critique group leader of Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She and her husband have five children, one in heaven, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Blog: Stick-to-Your-Soul Encouragement

Ada Brownell Amazon Author page

Tell us about your newest book.

The idea for The Lady Fugitive came from my grandparents. Although the family didn’t talk openly about it, some relatives say my grandmother packed her suitcase along with her teaching certificate and ran from her abusive uncle, a judge, with whom she lived after her parents died. She ended up about 40 miles away in Florence, Colo., where she later met my grandfather. Grandma, had been performing on stage as an elocutionist THE LADY FUGITIVE COVER 2and singer, and found a teaching job in a small adobe school.

My grandfather traveled about the country around 1900 showing one of the first Passion of the Christ moving pictures and hunting for a missing sibling. My brother has the movie reel (stinks like something that should be buried, and we’ve never seen it, but Joe is looking for someone who can do something with it.) Also, grandfather’s father was murdered.

The Lady Fugitive, however, is entirely fiction but similar things happen to Jennifer Louis Parks and William O’Casey that happened to my grandparents. They have some of the characteristics I’d heard about my grandparents, too.

Here’s the back cover copy for The Lady Fugitive, an historical romance with a western flavor.

How does a respected elocutionist become a face on a wanted poster?

Jenny Louise Parks escapes from the coal bin, and her abusive uncle offers a handsome reward for her return. Because he is a judge, he will find her or he won’t inherit her parents’ ranch.

Determination to remain free grips Jenny, especially after she meets William and there’s a hint of romance. But while peddling household goods and showing a Passion of the Christ moving picture, he discovers his father’s brutal murder.

Will Jenny avoid the bounty hunters? Can she forgive the person who turns her in? Will she find peace, joy and love?


What do you do when you’re not writing?

I like to stay connected with family and friends. We had five children and now one is in heaven, but we’ve added grandchildren and two great-grandchildren that enrich our lives. We enjoy playing board games, especially Rook with our daughter, Gwen, and her family who live here. Phone calls, e-mail, Facebook, and Skype are wonderful for those who live elsewhere.

Once a week I meet for lunch with my siblings and their families who live close and we stay around the table visiting, reminiscing, telling funny stories on ourselves, and discussing the problems of the world and the need for spiritual revival in America.

We have big holes around the table since my brother, Dr. Virgil Nicholson, and my sister-in-law, Elinora, died. Then Everette, who spent his life as a pastor, moved close to his daughter, Estel, who pastors with her husband, Mike Beresford, in Colorado.

I attend a weekly Ladies Prayer and Share Bible study on Thursdays, and love the Christian fellowship and support.

Fill my days in with church two or three times a week, furious cleaning, laundry, a little gardening, walking about a mile at least three times a week with my husband, other exercise, daily prayer and devotions. Usually I watch a game or an old movie with my husband. I call that “working” on my marriage, although we have been married a looooong time.

I work hard and fast so we can have fun, but my sense of well being is somewhat rooted in having a clean house and things done.

Where do you get your ideas?

Ideas are my strongest point. When I first started as a journalist, I studied and almost memorized a little book about how to recognize news stories. I always have more ideas than I can use. But the trick to ideas is to observe life, people, problems, what’s happening in the world, the unusual, ordinary things or people that contain greatness.

Thinking is the blood of the writing. Tune everything out and think. When you get an idea, write it down along with everything about you think is relevant. Then narrow the idea to a nugget that will catch the eye of readers. Get to the core and the bottom of things. Research. Keep a file of interesting anecdotes and historical events.

Do you outline or are you a seat-of-the-pants writer?

I’ve never formally outlined, but I scribble down important points or complications in characters’ personalities and for a plot.

Have you written a book you love that you have not been able to get published?

I have research from a book I started years ago in my files that I intend to complete someday, but I’m not going to share the idea. Ideas can’t be copyrighted.


Are you like any of the characters in The Lady Fugitive?

As a redhead, I probably have some of the spunk of Jennifer Louise Parks from The Lady Fugitive, but I haven’t experienced the ongoing spiritual doubts and hardships she has to overcome.

Anything you would like to add?

Thank you for inviting me to be your guest. It’s a privilege to share from my life, the love of the awesome God we serve, and the things the Lord has done.

Thanks for visiting us again, Ada. It’s wonderful to hear how God is working in your writing career. God bless:)



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  1. Ada Brownell Says:

    Thanks, Melissa, for inviting me to share. Sorry about the typos. I’d like to have this post back and polish it a bit. I must have been rushed that day. God bless you and your writing!

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