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Review and Giveaway: At Home in Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong January 26, 2015

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at home at last chance


What happens when the life you’re running from won’t let go of your heart?

Kaitlyn Reed and Steven Braden have always had a similar philosophy of life: when the going gets tough, they get going–out of town and away from the problem. Now they are both back in Last Chance, New Mexico, and trying to start over.

Kaitlyn is working to reestablish a relationship with the seven-year-old daughter she left behind six months earlier. Steven is trying to prove to his family that he is not the irresponsible charmer they have always known him to be. As Kaitlyn and Steven find themselves drawn to one another, one big question keeps getting in the way: How will they learn to trust each other when they don’t even trust themselves?

With emotional depth and characters who leap off the page and into your heart, Cathleen Armstrong invites you to return once more to the dusty and delightful town of Last Chance.

My thoughts and giveaway:

What I liked about this book was how you could see God slowly revealing His plan for Kaitlyn and Steven. You could see how things could work out if dreams were pursued, challenges accepted.

Also like Kaitlyn’s story, kind of the prodigal daughter. Cathleen did a great job of writing about how a small town would react and treat someone like Kaitlyn. She’s different, doesn’t fit into the mold of what a typical small town girl should be.

It took me a bit longer to connect with Steven, but I eventually did and liked him and could see the goodness in him.

This was not a fast-paced read, which does go with the small town feel. I didn’t feel much urgency to get back to the book and see what was happening with characters, although I did want to get to the end to see how everything would work out.

I struggled a bit with the fact that when we were in Kaitlyn’s POV she referred to them with their full names, not as Mom and Dad, as most of us would in our heads when thinking about our parents. But that is simply a stylistic thing for me for that did distract me but might not bother others.

Overall, a nice read that will pull on a mom’s heart-strings as Kaitlyn wants to do the right thing, for once. This book can be read as a stand-alone.

Visit Cathleen here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Deeper Shopping or Books-A-Million.

Leave a comment by February 4th for your chance to win a copy of this book. (U.S. residents only)

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



15 Responses to “Review and Giveaway: At Home in Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong”

  1. Hi Melissa. I like this cover picture. Thanks for the review. I would like a chance to win it.
    Cathleen is new to me. Thanks for a chance to win. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  2. Melanie Backus Says:

    Great cover to what sounds like a great book! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  3. Deanna S Says:

    I grew up in small towns and I think I too would still think Mom & Dad… nice cover & sounds like a good story!

  4. Beth C Says:

    I enjoyed the review. God always has plans for us and we just need to listen to what he thinks is the best path. This sounds like a wonderful book.

  5. Merry Says:

    At Home in Last Chance sounds interesting, I’ve wanted to read all the books in this series. Thanks for a chance to win it!

  6. lib1lady Says:

    I enjoy reading stand alone novels. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

  7. karen Says:

    I have the other books in this series so i would love to read this one.

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