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Simple Token March 20, 2015

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By Jason Long

By Jason Long

During the summer I love to read outside while my kids play.  A few years ago (when my kids where younger) they would stop playing and run up to me with their grubby little hands and hand me a handful of droopy dandilions or any other “flower” they could find.

Although I knew they would die the next day my heart was touched. In their moment of play, they stopped and saw some flowers and thought “My mommy likes pretty things, I am going to pick these for her.”  They were treasures to me, even if only for a day.

Don’t you think our Heavenly Father feels the same way when we stop playing around for a minute and take the time to think of Him and offer up a simple token?

We hand it up to the heavens with our grubby little hands and He lovingly leans down and takes what we are giving and smiles.  His heart is touched.  He child thought of Him for that moment and loved Him.  They took time out of their play to honor Him.

What is simple token?

Is it forgiving someone you haven’t wanted to forgive, but you have sensed God telling you it’s time?

Is it showing love to someone who seems unlovable?

Is is reading His Word?

Is it getting up earlier to be with Him?

Whatever your simple tokens are know that He will gather them up in His arms and embrace them.  Your simple tokens will make His heart soar, He longs for them.

So grab your dandelions with your dirty hands, and reach them up to Heaven, your Father longs to take them from you.

Listen to the song that inspired this devotion here.

What tokens have your children given to you that you treasure?


4 Responses to “Simple Token”

  1. Karen Spiegel Says:

    Good one, Melissa. Good reminder. Have a blessed day!!

  2. Cherished memories are made up of moments like these. Thanks for sharing. (I love dandelions!)

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