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Pure Joy April 24, 2015

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By Jordan McQueen

By Jordan McQueen

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds… James 1:2 NIV

It’s taken me a long time but I think I finally understand this verse and I learned it through my daughter.

As a young girl my daughter was on the strong-willed side of the fence. Not horrible but she definitely needed some bending of her will to that of God and her parents. I prayed that God would use her strong spirit for Him.

Guess what? He is.

Now as a middle schooler she is on fire for the Lord. Making decisions that will change her life and put her on a path to a life of joy with Jesus. I am so proud of her.

However, she is still out spoken and now she is out spoke for Jesus. She calls darkness out in to the light and she is undergoing persecution because of it. This is hard to see. But Jesus was persecuted why should we be any different?

As we struggled through some things this week the verse above came to me. And I realized she is fighting for the Kingdom of God and this should bring her, and us as parents, pure joy. The enemy doesn’t want light in our school systems. He has a nice place where he is working to take our kids away from Jesus and , unfortunately, he’s doing a good job.

So, here is my revelation in a nutshell (maybe you already got this so indulge me while I process): if we are going through trails we should be full of joy because that means we are fighting against the darkness. If we are comfortable then we aren’t doing anything to scare the enemy. And that should scare us.

Christians should be very uncomfortable with a comfortable life.

I am examining my own life today and asking myself if I am comfortable or are their areas that I am uncomfortable with, that I feel a struggle? If am comfortable then I need ask myself if I am doing anything for the Kingdom of God or am I just living my life and trying to keep myself safe?

Even though this week has been tough for my little girl we have had some great conversations about how God is using her. I am filled with pure joy because my daughter isn’t afraid to speak truth in a world that waters down the truth so we don’t make people uncomfortable.

Let’s get uncomfortable and consider it pure joy!

Have you been uncomfortable lately? Care to share? We’d love to consider it pure joy with you.


2 Responses to “Pure Joy”

  1. Judy Says:

    I’ve spent my whole life uncomfortable, wondering what was wrong with me because everyone was telling me that if I were only faithful enough I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. I’ve finally realized “they” were wrong. Now, in questioning my uncomfortableness it’s in an effort to be sure it isn’t me causing it but God.

    In my own writing, I struggle with being true to what God inspires. I know too many who goad and call it making others uncomfortable. I was taught that anytime I made someone uncomfortable I was goading. I’m learning to tell the difference and endeavor to lean toward uncomfortable.

    • Judy, Thanks for sharing. Yes, I don’t think we should strive to make others uncomfortable but we shouldn’t become too comfort with ourselves. As you point out there a fine line there and need to be careful not to cross it for our own glory. We should strive to bring light to dark places and speak truth in love when opportunities present themselves.  Melissa

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