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Write to the Point with Angela Strong May 27, 2015

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Jordan and MeToday we get write to the point with Angela Strong. She has visited here a couple of times before. You can read her other interviews here and here. Read on to see what she is up to now.

Tell us about your newest book. I wrote a novella that is included in Love on the Run with a couple of Love Inspired Suspense authors that live here in Boise. We call ourselves Team Love on the Run. Here’s the blurb from my novella, False Security:


Alex Pierce needs Laney Winters to help him prove neither of them is responsible for the millions of dollars that went missing after Laney arrested him for bank robbery five years ago. Besides Laney not believing he truly repented in prison, there’s the problem of the real thief trying to kill her and the police department treating her like a dirty cop. With the possibility of anotherLove on the Run crime being pinned on them, Laney finally teams up with Alex to save her life. If only she could trust him with her heart, as well.


What inspired you to write this book? I love heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven, but I know the motives for robbery are not uplifting. So I took a character like Danny Ocean, had him get saved in jail then had him attempt to change his ways…except he has to make one more heist to prove himself innocent of a crime he didn’t commit. Now we’ve got the excitement of robbery plus a motive I can agree with. Win-win.


What was your favorite part to write? The ending is the most important part of a novel to me. I like it to be over the top with a twist that makes the reader want to go back and reread the story. And I love it when the reader knows what’s coming and the characters have no clue. So I had some fun with that.


Noses in booksWhat was the hardest part to write? This was a really fun book to write. No deadlines. No editor’s guidelines. I just wrote it for fun, and I wrote it in two weeks. Needless, to say I had to make some edits. Those were harder than writing the actual story. But they are so important because I want a book to work on multiple levels, and in two weeks, I didn’t have enough time to evolve all those different levels.


What kind of research did you do for this book? I researched gangs and guns and what you are supposed to do when getting shot at. I actually sat my kids down and told them what I’d learned in case, God forbid, there is ever a school shooting at one of their schools. I said, “You duck and run. You don’t hide behind anything because bullets can go through stuff. You get away as fast as you possibly can while making yourself as little as you possibly can. And you don’t stop outside the school and wait for emergency workers. You keep running until you know you are safe.” Scary stuff.


What’s the best thing about being an author? Making a difference. I love creating stories, and I get so much out of my own writing, but it’s when I get a letter from someone who learned something or was inspired by my words, that I’m like, “Yes. This is why I do this.”


What’s the hardest thing about being an author? Sometimes I wish I could get a normal job to make a reliable paycheck and not always have characters running around in my head that keep me from sleeping at night if I do get a normal job and have no time to write. That’s when it feels like a curse.


What’s one piece of advice you have for aspiring writers? You have no idea how God will use you if you are true to the gifts he’s given you and open to learning to use those gifts through hard work and patience. No idea. So keep writing and find out!


If you were writing about your life what would the title be? Becoming Mrs. Strong.


Anything you would like add? Happy birthday to my son! He’s 16 today!

Yay for May birthdays. Both of my kids have May birthdays 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing with my readers again. It’s always great to hear from you and see what you are up to.




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