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A Prayer June 26, 2015

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By Leah Tardivel

By Leah Tardivel

Happy Friday everyone! Today I thought I would share a prayer with you I wrote in my journal a little over a month ago. Maybe you need this prayer today or maybe you will someday. Have a great weekend.


Jesus, I feel Your tender presence this morning, wooing me to Your side. You know my inner most self. Transform me as only You can. Humble me. Draw me close to You and change me to be more like You. A servant. Loving, kind, always putting others ahead of myself.

Let me embrace each day and the opportunities it brings to know You more, to see You at work in my surroundings. Open my eyes. You know I’m always trying to rush through the day and get to the next thing — whatever that might be. Let me see THIS day. I thank You for the gift of it.

Thank you for the birds that sings as I awake. No more beautiful song could awaken me.


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