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Stay Close July 17, 2015

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Downtown Mackinac Island

Downtown Mackinac Island

A couple of weeks ago we were visiting Mackinac Island again. The first thing we like to do when we get on the island is ride our bikes around the eight mile perimeter.

When you first get on the island you are in the downtown area where all the shops are, this is where most of the people hang out. As you get further away from this main area there are fewer people.

Because of this I let the kids get ahead of me but I always had an eye on them and they always knew I was right behind them. They enjoyed their ride, the wind whizzing by their ears, stopping to enjoy the shoreline or a brook. When we stopped we took time to be together and just take in the beauty.

As we were heading back into town I told the kids to let me take the lead again because there would be a lot more people. If I was in the lead they could see me more clearly and hopefully not get in other people’s way or people wouldn’t get in their way.

Almost as soon as those words left my mouth God dropped a thought in my head.

When we take time to be in His presence we are truly free. We can just enjoy Him and not be distracted by the things, or people around us. This is like going around the island.

I can not stress enough the importance of getting alone with Jesus. Only there can you find truth, freedom, peace. We need to learn to listen for his voice. He might tell us to wait up, slow down, stop and take a look at this beauty around us. But we won’t hear Him if we don’t know the sound of His voice.

But we can’t do this all day (I wish). We will have to join the crowd again. When we join the crowd how much more we need to stay close to Him, but this is also the hardest time.

How many days have I started out thinking okay, today I am going to really be aware of God’s presences as I teach, I am going to mediate on a certain scripture throughout my day. Then I reach the end of the day and realized it never happened. I got distracted by the business of life, the naughty child wouldn’t listen, the negative talk of another.

Just as I told my kids that I needed to take the lead so they wouldn’t get bumped by others, Jesus says the same to us. As we leave our quiet time to go back to our busy world Jesus says, “Let me lead you. There are a lot more people here and you can easily become lost. You could even get bumped and fall down. You could even hinder another’s progress if you aren’t careful. But if you watch Me I will guide you, you won’t lose your way. You will always know where to go.”

My friends take this to heart. Make time to be in His presence, it will change everything. Will everything be perfect? Nope. There are many times I get done with a great time in His presence and then my kids are fighting or a comment is made in my house the makes me angry. But I remember. I have the truth to cling to and I follow Jesus.

I won’t allow the negativity of others effect the truth that Jesus has spoken to my heart, but if you don’t know the truth you have nothing to hold on to.

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 NLT



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