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Write to the Point with Gail Kittleson August 5, 2015

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Today we get write to the point with Gail Kittleson. Read on as she talks about perseverance.

Gail has always loved to read, but had no burning desire to write fiction. She was happy instructing college expository writing and English as a Second Language, but after she penned her memoir, the fiction bug bit her. She’s been addicted ever since, with special interest in the World War II era. Now,she teaches a small writing class in her home, edits for people (a little), and facilitates workshops for writing and spiritual growth/creativity.

She and her husband enjoy life in small-town northern Iowa, their grandchildren, and in winter, the
Ponderosa forest of Central Arizona. Meeting new friends is the frosting on Gail’s cake–please feel free
to contact her however it works for you.




These days find me practicing a yoga position in my garden.


Downward Dog.


Among, between, interspersed, EVERYWHERE—weeds rear their tenacious heads. Near the Veronica, around the lilies, betwixt the yellow daisies, encroaching on the Johnny Jump-ups and zinnias.


What did we expect? Two years ago, this courtyard was a “lawn” with probably as much plantain and creeping Charlie as grass. A waterway runs through here, and there’s no easy deliverance, since we eschew chemicals.


At least now, the weeds have all been excavated. But they don’t give up easily—they just pop up elsewhere.


Same goes for the ever-present booboos in my manuscripts. I may be on a different plain altogether, with a much stronger moral premise, better characterization and more succinct movement from scene to scene, yet challenges remain.


But I’m beginning to relax into this reality, just as I’m FINALLY beginning to realize that some internal weeds are always going to pop up, too.


When you come from a shame-based foundation, this is how it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS. And if I relax into this truth, I can see how it helps with my writing. YEP.


I know exactly how a heroine feels when she’s put down. It’s not difficult to convey nasty, snake-like whispers that haunt her. Oh, she knows God loves her, that she’s a treasure to him … but is she a treasure to herself?


Not exactly—and it’s a long road to get there. Growing up with guilt makes adulthood so much harder. Them’s the facts.


As they say, “It comes with the territory.” If I sought perfection, I certainly chose the wrong inner voices, not to mention the wrong vocation.


And there’s the rub—the vocation chooses us. And then here we are, in our perpetual downward dog, editing the daylights out of our manuscripts. And we’re also forever editing what bubbles up inside us, too.


But we do see results, and that keeps us going. Our characters still talk with us, only on a deeper level—what’s not to love about that? And in our intimate thoughts, we learn to be kinder to ourselves, to stop stinkin’ thinkin’ in its tracks.


Certainly not saying it’s easy, here. But after decades of practice, I DO see progress.


I will soon learn the release date for one of my heroines—Dottie Kyle. Can’t wait to introduce this gail bookcool midlife lady to the world! And thank you SO much, Melissa, for this opportunity to connect with your readers.

Connect with Gail here:

Thanks so much for sharing with my readers, Gail. I pray God will continue to bless your writing journey.


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