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There is Power in Prayer September 4, 2015

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Through reading all of these book on prayer recently God is really rocking my world (I have one more to review and I will get to it next week. It is my favorite by far). He is showing me this has been an area of neglect in my life and time with Him and this is the time He treasures most.

As a momma I love when my kids ask me to snuggle with them for a minute. I know all too soon they will out grow that but for now I treasure it.

The same is true with God. He loves when we take the time to come to Him and rest, speak, whisper, cry, laugh. Whatever it is we need to do.

Things change when we COMMIT to prayer. Notice the word commit. We must do it when we feel angry toward the one we need to pray for the most, when we feel hopeless for a situation we have been praying for change for years and see nothing.

I have even gotten to the point (most of the time, but not always) where I can pray in the mist of a disagreement. I can stare at the one I am angry at and not say a word but turn my mind to the One who can change the situation.

The bottom line is if you want things to be different in your life: pray. This isn’t an easy, quick-fix answer. It’s anything but easy but it’s the only thing that will work.

Nothing will change if we don’t go to the only One who can change it. Our battles are fought on our knees, not on Facebook or by gossiping about those who annoy us.

And it is a fight. We must fight for those we love, even when we don’t feel love. But we fight from victory, not for victory.

We fight for our marriages, not in our marriages.

We fight for our children not with our children.

We fight for our churches not with our churches.

The battle has been won, our enemy just wants to makes us miserable while we wait for the One who loves us. The One who calls us by name.

Waiting isn’t easy and our enemy would like nothing more than for us to give up and give in to the defeat he places in our minds. But we must persist. We must press in. We can’t give up. Our Father makes all things new. We must trust and believe with child like faith.

Speaking of waiting, here is a song we’ve been doing at church. I’m sure you’ve heard and maybe I’ve shared it already, sorry if I have but it’s a good song matter what.

Click here to listen. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!


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