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The Principle and Power of Kingdom Citizenship by Dr. Myles Munroe April 6, 2016

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Discover How to Live as a Citizen of God’s Unshakable Kingdom!

Are you ready to experience life on a new, supernatural level? Then it’s time to take your place as a royal citizen in God’s unshakable Kingdom.

For too long, too many followers of Christ have lived beneath their Kingdom inheritance. They are saved and set-up for eternity in Heaven, but they continue to live defeated and unfulfilling lives on Earth.

In Dr. Myles Munroe’s final book before graduating to eternity, he presents the biblical blueprint for what it looks like for you to live as an empowered Kingdom citizen.

You will learn how to:

• Identify and access your royal rights as a citizen of God’s Kingdom • Exercise your authority as an ambassador of Christ in your sphere of influence • Change atmospheres around you with the climate of Heaven

The Kingdom is not just about going to Heaven one day after you die…it is about walking in the purpose and power of Heaven today while you are still living on Earth!

Dr. Myles Munroe is global leader, professional consultant, leadership coach, mentor, international motivational speaker, business and corporate trainer, spiritual leader, government advisor, educator, master teacher, media host and bestselling author. He is one of the outstanding leaders of our generation. He was selected as one of the Top 20 voices of influence in the world by GT Magazine survey and he has positively impacted millions of lives around the world. Dr. Munroe is also founder and senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International and chairman of International Third World Leaders Association empowering millions to discover their personal purpose and develop their true potential. He and his wife, Ruth, have two children.
My thoughts: 
This book was very interesting. The author goes through a lot of history and meaning behind citizenship. Normally I get bored kind of easy with that stuff but I found it really interesting and learned a lot. This is really information we should all know but I don’t think many of us take the time to understand and didn’t pay attention to when in school (I know I didn’t).
Even though he wasn’t always talking directly about Heaven I found myself making connections and having a better understanding of what all of this means for us as “Christians”.
It isn’t until chapter 6 that the connections really becomes clear and then the author lays it all out there for us. We really have not clue what it means to be citizens of Heaven right now, here on earth. The power we possess, the privileges of our citizenship.
I really did find this book very interesting and hope you will give it chance too and learn something new and hopefully life changing.
Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, Books-A-Million, Deeper Shopping or your favorite retailer.
A copy of this book was given to my through The Book Club Network Inc. in exchange for an honest review. 

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