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A Glimmer of Hope by Julie Lessman April 28, 2016

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a glimmer


She’s a wounded girl serving up trouble.
He’s a pastor’s kid bent on serving God.
But can they find a glimmer of hope for a future together?

From the moment Jack O’Bryen kissed the sixteen-year-old tomboy next door, he knew he would love her forever. Lacey Carmichael was everything he’d ever wanted—intelligent, warm, and brimming with life, the perfect complement to his serious and sensible self. A girlfriend who not only shared his faith, but he hoped his future as well, the perfect mate for a would-be pastor.

Eighteen-year-old Lacey Carmichael has dreamed of marrying Jack O’Bryen since she was twelve years old, the boy next door who always picked up the pieces after her father shattered her heart. But when her cousin leads her astray while Jack’s away at school and her father’s rejection soars to new heights, Lacey finds herself at odds with the boy that she loves, not only jeopardizing their relationship, but Jack’s faith and heart as well.

My thoughts:

I found this book accidentally. I hadn’t seen anything written by Julie in a long time and I love her writing. I visited her blog and I found she has taken a different route in her writing. So I snatched up this novella eager to see how she would handle contemporary romance.

This is a super quick read and introduction to her novel Isle of Hope. I was actually very surprised to turn the last page and that was it. But it’s a great lead in to the next novel (which you can read that first chapter at the end of this book).

Lacy honestly annoyed me. She was very immature but that is her age and will be a big contrast when we meet her again in the next book. I could also understand her relationship with her dad. It was horrible, the words he said are words I often heard from my own father and this will often drive a girl to do things she shouldn’t, looking for love in the wrong way.

Jack is so strong and stable and again, we will see a big contrast in the next book.

Overall, an enjoyable read that is a great set up for the next book, which I plan on reading soon.

Visit Julie here.

Grab your copy at Amazon.


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