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Your In-Ear Monitor April 29, 2016

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By Samantha Sophia

By Samantha Sophia

I owe the inspiration for this post to my sweet friend Jolene…thank you!

At our church our worship team uses in-ear monitors. This means we have ear-buds or headphones that hook up to our own monitor so we can hear exactly what we want and need while we lead worship. Everybody has their own mix depending on what helps us or distracts us from playing or singing our best.

This past Sunday we got through practicing a song and I said, “I need to turn me down in my head.”

My friend Jolene said she wished she could do that sometimes.

I laughed, because it’s so true. I wish it were that easy, on a daily basis,  to turn down my voice in my head and turn up Jesus.

How do we get that perfect that mix? How can we silence that voice of doubt and lies and turn up the voice of Truth? I desperately need that. How about you?

I can only think the way to do it is to have His Words in our head. Spending time with Him. Just like you know the sound of your children’s or family’s voice because you spend time with them, that is the only way we can know the distinct sound of Jesus’s voice.

Like with the instruments, if I know I need more acoustic guitar and less electric I need to the know the way they each sound so I can make the necessary adjustments, if I am guessing I am just turning knobs and will probably end up hearing things I don’t want to hear.

Find your perfect mix, turn down the sound of your voice and that of the enemy and turn up the voice of the Lord. Place His Words in your heart and draw from them, they will bring life.


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