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God is on the Move May 6, 2016

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By Kamesh Vedula

By Kamesh Vedula

I sense this, do you?

I have to be honest, ever since I went to the Bethel concert I feel like God stirred me up and now junk is rising the surface that He wants to skim away. Things I thought I dealt with but apparently not in full.

It really sucks (if I can be so blunt).

I feel like Jesus is taking me deeper and therefore,  I feel more attacks from the enemy. I have never hated him so much as I do now.

He is attacking me through my classes, individual students and family.

It is making me not happy anywhere I go because I feel this heavy sadness. Even though I know this doesn’t come from God it is difficult to fight constantly, which is what the enemy wants. He wants to wear me down until I just lay down and give up.

Ha! (I’m laughing out loud right now)

I won’t give up. God is on the move. He challenging the lies of the enemy and guess what. Jesus wins! This is why the enemy is trying so hard. If he can make me ineffective I do nothing for the Kingdom.

It really doesn’t matter what the enemy does or says it doesn’t matter. I think he is really scared right now. He is afraid of losing ground because I am in a public high school (one of his favorite playgrounds) bringing the light of Jesus with me every time I walk into that building. He must be shaking in his boots.

Well, good. Let him shake, let him be scared.  Because I’m not going to stop contending for my students or my family. I will fight for them until my last breath.

I have been hearing this song a lot, God is on the Move, and it gets stuck in my head. Let us all sing this and believe it, God is moving, will you move with Him or get in His way?

Click here to listen.


2 Responses to “God is on the Move”

  1. Gail Johnson Says:

    Love this song and this post!

  2. Judy Says:

    I’m practicing “Praise God in the Storm.” I’ve had to acknowledge that I was born into a storm, and it’s never abated.

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