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A Prayer For You May 13, 2016

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By Michael Durana

By Michael Durana

I’m sitting here not sure what to write about today, although God has been doing a lot in my life over the last week but I don’t feel ready to write about it yet, so I thought why not offer a prayer? So many people are hurting, or rejoicing we don’t we pray together?

Father, You see every child reading this, You know what is on their hearts, whether they are rejoicing or hurting and You long to hold them in Your strong arms. 

I lift up those that are hurting right now, those that think nothing will ever change, whose hearts are so heavy they don’t have the strength to carry them anymore, those that want to give up. Only You can come and carry it for them. I pray they would sense Your presence fall on them right this moment and feel You take their burden and they would release it once and for all to You. That every time they start to feel the weight they would give it back to You. It isn’t meant for them to carry. 

Instead of giving up help them to give in to You and Your embrace. 

I lift up those that are rejoicing. May they share their good news with others, may they shine Your light into others lives. Give them boldness so speak all You have done and are doing. Don’t let them back down when doubters come but may they stand strong in Your truth. May their testimony carry the spirit of prophecy so others will know that their good news can be their good news. 

We ask all of this in Your powerful name, Jesus, Amen. 


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