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Trust His Heart June 24, 2016

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By Pierre Bouillot

By Pierre Bouillot

About a month ago our pastor talked about the reason many of us chose sin is because we don’t trust God’s heart. I realized this was often true with me. I doubt Him because I don’t see things moving, I don’t see things changing.

Can I still trust Him even when nothing seems to be changing, or getting better?

A couple of days ago during my quiet time He spoke to me regarding this. Below is what He told me. I hope it will bless someone else out there is who is struggling in this area as well.

I promise you if you remain obedient to Me the gifts I have for you will overwhelm you. They are so much better than any worldly pleasure. Trust Me. Trust My heart. There is no deceit in Me, but there is in My enemy. Trust My heart — receive my blessings. They flow freely to you but your choices hinder them from flowing into you. Your choices clog up your “receivers”, clear them away and trust. 

Here is a song by Lauren Daigle that speaks to this. Click here. 

Work on unclogging your “receivers”, that will look different for everyone. What will it look like for you?



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