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My Story for His Glory

God’s Heart for America July 1, 2016

american-flag-waving-14467836868ylThese are my thoughts only, something I have been sensing God pressing in on me. 

I have been feeling God’s heart for America recently. During my quiet time today this is what I wrote in my journal as I sensed God speaking to me:

I believe God’s heart is breaking for the United States. This country was founded on Him and we are slowly chipping away at that foundation. Once we do this we will crumble. A house cannot stand without a foundation, neither can a country survive without a  foundation. For the U.S. that is/was God. 

Why has the United States been blessed for so many years? Because of Papa. We have had His favor but I believe we are moving out from under that. 

We think we are claiming more independence as we make these new laws or take away other laws. In reality we are making deals with another father. The father of lies. We are land of the free and the home of the brave but we are slowly becoming the land of invisible chains and the home of Satan. 

We can only be the land of the free when Jesus is the one who founds that freedom, any other type of freedom is a lie and false. We will never be free without Jesus. I believe that with all my heart, apart from Him there is only a temporary, false freedom that ultimately will leave us in chains. 

Our hope cannot be in the next politician, that person is human as well and will make mistakes and not keep promises. Our hope can only be in Jesus, Papa, the founder of and creator of freedom, the anchor for our souls. 

This Fourth of July I hope you can  celebrate your independence from Satan and celebrate your complete and utter dependence on the One who can set your free, mind, body, soul, Jesus Christ.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8: 36 NIV


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