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The Ringmaster’s Wife by Kristy Cambron July 18, 2016

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the ringmaster



What is revealed when you pull back the curtain of the greatest show on earth?

Rosamund Easling is no stranger to opulence. As the daughter of an earl, she’s grown up with all the comforts money can buy. But when hard times befall the family’s Yorkshire estate in the aftermath of the Great War, the stage is set for a series of events that change her world beyond even her wildest dreams.

Though expected to marry for a title instead of love, Rosamund feels called to a different life—one of adventure outside the confines of a ladies’ parlor. When her father sells her beloved horse, she abandons all she’s known and follows in pursuit as her horse is shipped to the new owner—an American entertainer by the name of John Ringling. Knowing she has much to learn, Rosamund agrees to a bareback riding apprenticeship in the shadow of the Ringlings’ home—the Ca’D’Zan. In what would become the last days of the enigmatic Mable Ringling’s life, Rosamund finds a deeper sense of purpose in her new life and begins to experience the awakening of faith.

With a mysterious and dazzling supporting cast of characters, Rosamund journeys far from the traditions of the English countryside to the last days of the Roaring Twenties—a journey that forever changes what her life might have been.

My thoughts:

Kristy has a very unique way of putting together a story, it is like a beautifully woven tapestry, two worlds that become one.

I will be honest, the first half of this book I didn’t really get into. I struggled for some reason. There were times when I read things that pulled me out of the story and I had to go back and reread to see if I missed something.

With that being said that second half of the book hooked me and I wanted to keep reading.

There is so much depth and beauty to this book, so many truths.

I really enjoyed the behind the scenes look at circus life and the picture Kristy painted of the Ringling brothers. Mable Ringling is depicted as a strong loving woman and wife.

Rosamund and Colin’s story is equally captivating. I struggled with not knowing much about Colin at first. I kept thinking I don’t know anything about him and then Rosamund would think the same thing in the story and I knew there was a reason Kristy didn’t reveal too much too soon, it gave me a better understanding of how Rosamund felt.

Faith is woven in lightly but with power. It just shows you don’t need to preach a sermon in a novel to get a point across. The message of identity and brokenness is well done in this book.

The end is very satisfying and made me want to visit the places mentioned in this book.

Visit Kristy here.

Grab your copy at you local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through in exchange for an honest review. 


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  1. DK Stevens Says:

    netgalley 🙂 got my copy, starting it today!!

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