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You Might Be One Swing Away July 22, 2016

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This week has been a week of sensing God pressing me to pray, to not give up. I feel a desperate need to add my prayers to other believers around the world and see God rise up in power and justice.

Today as I was praying Jesus gave me a great visual of what our prayers can do. I know I often feel like I have been praying for something and nothing is changing. But the truth is you might be one prayer (or swing) away from the situation bending to God’s will. Below is what I learned today:

I asked Jesus how do our prayers make a difference. He told me every time we pray within the will of the Father our prayers go out to that situation or person.

Then I asked why don’t we always see change?

He told me that even though our prayers are within God’s will other people have free will. So even if you are praying for a marriage to be restored or someone to be healed from addictions the person we are praying for has a free will and can choose things that don’t allow us to see God answer that prayer.

However, every time we pray it’s like taking an ax to a tree, we make the tree weaker, we are chipping away at the trunk.

Jesus told me, “You’d be shocked to see how many trees are one swing away from falling and bending.”

I saw a forest of trees almost ready to fall but the people gave up and walked away. The tree only needed one more swing but the person swinging got tired but if they could have just swung the ax one more time the tree would have fallen.

The same is true with people. We pray and we pray and nothing seems to change, soon we forget about the situation or we give up and we stop. But how many times have we been one prayer away from the person being free from addiction, or that marriage being restored and we walked away. Just one more prayer could have made all the difference, but we got tired.

Just like some trees are thicker than others and will take more swings to get it to fall that same is true with people. Some people have stronger wills, or thicker heads (kidding…sort of) and will take longer to make them fall. Others are a bit thinner and will fall more easily.

I know my heart is burdened with the things the enemy is doing in this world, to families and nations. Praying for things like our country seems so big, what difference can our little prayer (ax) make. But if we all come together and take turns taking a swing soon the tree will fall and God’s power will be shown.

We can’t have the mind-set that things have to get this way before Jesus returns. I don’t think He is okay with that line of thinking. He doesn’t want to us to just watch this all happen. He wants us to show His glory to the world so more will be ready when He returns.

Will you join me in praying for our country, our world, families, children, whatever you can think of. When you get tired know someone else is picking up their ax and taking a swing.

Don’t give up. You might be one swing away from seeing your prayer answered.



2 Responses to “You Might Be One Swing Away”

  1. KayM Says:

    Thank you, Melissa, for the inspiring words!

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