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Sex, Soup, and Two Fisted Eating by Katie Robles November 9, 2016

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ABOUT THE BOOK (186 pages):

Are you ready to lose weight and get healthy, but you hate celery sticks and sweat? This book is for you. Sex, Soup, and Two Fisted Eating is: *Fun: laugh-a-minute encouragement complete with cartoons, poetry, and enough cheesy puns to make you lactose intolerant. *Sustainable: for long term results, look no further because the healthy habits you develop will help you stay fit until you die. (See how encouraging this is?) *Flexible: easily adaptable to fit your needs and preferences like a need for chocolate and a preference toward spandex, for example. *Educational: the science supporting healthy habits is explained in a memorable way, like how REM sleep is like a toilet.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katie Robles is a homemaker and mother of four young sons. Her hobbies include gardening with her husband, pet chickens, and sneaking vegetables into baked goods. She enjoys going to the bathroom alone, teaching classes for children part time at the YMCA, writing romance novels, and blogging

My thoughts:

The title alone is enough to spark your interest, isn’t it?

Honestly, I struggle with books about diet because I don’t have the motivation to make the changes I know I should make. But this book really made it doable.

Katie will make you laugh (sometimes out loud) as you read and enjoy her illustrations as you read.

This book is easy to read as it is broken down into four quick chapters that break down the three things listed on the title. Scripture is peppered throughout, which I loved how she tied that in with what she was sharing.

The end of the book has recipes (yum) that you can immediately use to get a jump-start in the tips Katie shares.

This is truly a worthwhile book and if you are looking a kick in your pants when it comes to changing your eating habits this might be the book that finally gets you motivated.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through The Book Club Network, Inc. All opinions are my own. 


Review and Giveaway: Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl November 7, 2016

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Following in her absentee father’s footsteps in a law enforcement career, U.S. Marshal Mercy Brennan has just recovered from being shot in the line of duty. And, unbeknownst to her, her father’s recent reappearance in her life has put her in the sights of St. Louis’s most powerful gang. Her boss assigns Deputy U.S. Marshal Mark St. Laurent–Mercy’s ex-boyfriend–to get her out of town until her safety can be guaranteed.

Unaware of the extent her boss and Mark have been keeping her in the dark, it isn’t until a freak ice storm strands them at a remote location and out of contact with the district office that the full severity of their situation becomes clear. As the storm worsens, the forces of nature combine with a deadly enemy to put them in great danger. Can they survive long enough for help to arrive–if help is even coming at all?

My thoughts:

I have really enjoyed every book I have read by Nancy so I couldn’t wait to start this new series and was very excited to receive this newest book.

I have to say this is probably my favorite yet. I like that she wrote this book in third person (her others were in first) so we could get into the heads of several other characters.

I also loved the setting of the winter storm. It made me ready for a good snowstorm here in Michigan, but that probably isn’t happening anytime soon.

Mercy is a tough cookie, with some baggage she needs to deal with but doesn’t appear to think she really has any issues.

Mark is a great guy who loves the Lord and still cares for Mercy and wants to protect her.

I enjoyed the layers to this story and the many ways “the bad guys” work their way into the system and blackmail people to get what they want.

If you are looking for a good romantic suspense novel I have no doubt you will enjoy this one.

Visit Nancy here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

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Is This Legal?? November 4, 2016

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By Stefan Kunze

By Stefan Kunze

I apologize in advance, this is a long one 🙂

“Is this legal?”

I was asked that question in my classroom as I introduced my students to a new “winter” song for their concert. It’s a song that uses “Go Tell It On the Mountain” in it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a student asked me if it was legal to sing a Christian song. I also had a student say they were worried people might be offended because we are singing a Christian song.

Now, let me tell you that before this concert we did a Halloween concert were we sang a medley of songs from the musical Sweeney Todd. If you’re familiar with this musical you will know how dark and gruesome it is. We sang songs about murder. And NO ONE, not one student, voiced a concern that someone might be offended by that.

Hmmm, interesting don’t you think? I mean if anything would be illegal it should be singing about a murderer not someone who was murdered. But no one questioned it.

You might be wondering why I would even teach that music. Well, the answer is the same for why I can teach Christian music.

I didn’t show my students the movie, I didn’t talk about what Sweeney Todd actually did, I didn’t lecture them on his justification for killing people. I simply taught the music because it is challenging and stretches my students to try new things. It is complex music, it gave the kids a chance to sing in many different arrangements. But I don’t embrace the message of those songs.

The same is true with any song with a faith message. I don’t preach the message, I’m not telling the students that this is what I believe (unless they ask). I’m not showing them a movie about the song and proclaiming the message. I’m not looking up the scripture the song references. I am teaching the music because it is going to be challenging for my students, it has some great rhythmic play and vocal back and forth between parts. It is in a gospel style that we don’t sing too much and it’s acapella.

So, is it legal to sing a song about Jesus in public school? It is legal to sing a song about a murderer in public school?

The answer to both is yes, as long as there is musical reasons for teaching it and I’m not promoting the story behind either.

But why is the Christian song the only one questioned?

Because the enemy is getting a hold of our children and we aren’t teaching them any different. He is lying to them and as parents we need to teach our children the truth. It is okay for a music teacher to teach songs with a Christian message as long as it is balanced with other music that isn’t Christian and the teacher isn’t inserting his or her own beliefs.

Since one out of five songs I am teaching is Christian I don’t think I’m inserting my beliefs.

If we eliminated all faith based songs we would be loosing a rich history of music. Most songs sung by slaves have a faith base. Isn’t that part of our history?

It is becoming so evident that darkness is trying to push out any light at all. We need to be teaching our kids so when they go into school they can stand for what is right and they can be light.

If it ever becomes illegal to teach some great music that also happens to be Christian then I guess that’s when it’s time for me to stop teaching.



On the Ropes by Hallee Bridgeman November 3, 2016

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Blow after blow, she hides her face and fights for her life.

Doctor Ruth Burnette has everything she has ever dreamed possible: the perfect job, a twin sister who is her best friend, and a fiancé who is retiring from professional boxing as the middleweight champion of the world.

Then came that fateful night when she witnessed a mafia execution. When her sister is murdered she knows she’ll battle to the last round and never, ever throw in the towel. Now she’s down for the count, in witness protection, anxious, alone except for the faithful company of her German Shepherd at her side.

As the time draws near to when she has to leave her safe little corner she stays on her toes. She has to testify against one of the darkest criminals in New York, she shores up the courage to face the accused from the witness stand. Unexpectedly, he’s not the one who worries her. She wonders what coming face-to-face with his son, VICTOR KOVALEV…her former fiancé …will bring.

Will Ruth have a fighting chance against the Kovalev family, or will Victor keep her pinned ON THE ROPES?

Hallee Bridgeman is a best-selling Christian author who writes action-packed romantic suspense focusing on realistic characters who face real world problems. Her work has been described as everything from refreshing to heart-stopping exciting and edgy.

An Army brat turned Floridian, Hallee finally settled in central Kentucky with her family so that she could enjoy the beautiful changing of the seasons. She enjoys the roller-coaster ride thrills that life with a National Guard husband, a teenaged daughter, and two elementary aged sons delivers.

A prolific writer, when she’s not penning novels, she blogs about all things cooking and homemaking at Hallee the Homemaker(tm) ( Her passion for cooking spurred her to launch a whole food, real food “Parody” cookbook series. In addition to nutritious, Biblically grounded recipes, readers will find that each cookbook also confronts some controversial aspect of secular pop culture.

Hallee is a member of the Published Author Network (PAN) of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) where she serves as a long time board member in the Faith, Hope, & Love chapter. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and the American Christian Writers (ACW) as well as being a member of Novelists, Inc. (NINC).

Hallee loves coffee, campy action movies, and regular date nights with her husband. Above all else, she loves God with all of her heart, soul, mind, and strength; has been redeemed by the blood of Christ; and relies on the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide her. She prays her work here on earth is a blessing to you and would love to hear from you. You can reach Hallee at

My thoughts:

So, I sort of didn’t realize this book was in an anthology I read and reviewed before: Smoke and Mirrors. 

The good news is that this story was one of my favorites out of all of them so re-reading it was a non-issue.

Hallee is such a wonderful author. I haven’t read much by here but what I have read I have really enjoyed. It amazes me how well she develops a story that is a novella, but nothing felt rushed at all. I felt I truly got to know and understand these characters.

She wove a romance and tension in this story. She also had a message of faith and learning to trust God, even when we make decisions that don’t seem to make sense to the world.

If you enjoy a good romantic suspense I think you will enjoy this one.

Grab your copy at Amazon or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through The Book Club Network, Inc. All opinions are my own. 


Lavish Grace by Kathy Howard November 2, 2016

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Lavish Grace is a unique, nine-week study of Paul’s experiences with and teachings about grace. Filled with contemporary examples of grace at work, this well-written format gives you the rare opportunity to combine a character and topical study into one rich, practical approach to Scripture. Lavish Grace will help you recognize how God’s grace is being poured out on you and through you. It will give you reason to rejoice in the grace that is available to you every day. As part of the Bible Studies for Women series, this study looks specifically at God’s grace: • Poured Out on us in salvation and for our continued spiritual transformation;
• Poured Through us as we become channels of God’s grace to others in practical ways;
• Overflowing in the inevitable difficult seasons where we need to rest in and rely on Him.

Other books in the series are also available at


Kathy Howard calls herself a “confused southerner.” Raised in Louisiana, she has moved with her engineer husband around the U.S. and Canada. She says “pop” instead of “Coke” and “you guys” as often as “ya’ll.” But those things are just superficial – she’s still a southern girl at heart! Kathy has been teaching the Bible for over 25 years to a varied audience – everyone from middle school students to teen moms to church leaders. She has a Masters in Christian Education from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. Kathy served on a church staff in Midland, Texas for the last five years until her family’s recent move to the Houston area.

Kathy and her husband have three children, two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and four precious grandsons. When the family gets together there are also five dogs in the mix. Kathy writes to have something to do while she drinks coffee and eats chocolate. Find out about her books and speaking ministry and get discipleship tools and leader helps at her website:

My thoughts:

I have always struggled with really grasping the concept of grace. I mean, I’ve had a basic idea but this book really opened my eyes to grace and how God has lavished His grace on me for many years. Years before I ever asked Him to come into my life.

With this study you will see grace through the eyes of Paul and how God was working in His life long before He ever struck him blind.

This is a nine-week study that will walk you through these many forms that grace can take. You can work your way through the week anyway you wish. You could do it all in one sitting or break it up (which is what I did).  You could also do this study with other ladies or on  your own, either way I think you will gain a deeper understanding of how God has shown His grace to you.

If you are looking for a new Bible study this might be the one for you.

Grab your copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me thought The Book Club Network, Inc. All opinions are my own.