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The Breaker Anointing by Barbara J. Yoder May 3, 2017

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Landmark Text Now Revised and Expanded for a New Generation

We all face hard times and obstacles in life–whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, creatively, or relationally. Yet we have a God who is with us and for us. A God who, as Micah 2:13 says, is a “Breaker” who goes before us.

Now revised and expanded, this new edition of Barbara Yoder’s best-selling book will help you discover that the same God who led Moses and broke open the way for his people is leading the church today–and he will break open any way or route he has ordained for us to go through.

Yet he does not do it alone. You are part of the breakthrough. Every believer filled with the Spirit has access to God’s breaker anointing. We can move forward, therefore, with faith, confidence, and bold, courageous action. He is waiting for us to step out and change our lives, cities, and nations. God the Breaker goes before us–and where he goes, nothing can hold us back.

My thoughts:

Do you want breakthrough? Are there things that are still clinging to your life that you don’t want there? Then this book is for you.

Barbara shares so much in this book I can’t touch on it all. One thing that struck home with me is the fact that she is from Michigan and shared some breakthrough she had been praying for in the city of Detroit, which I am very familiar with and have heard and seen the changes that have taken place in that city.

We settle for so much and we shouldn’t. Areas that need to change we need to be praying into. God is the Breaker.

I highlighted a few things that made me think. One was: “Godly worship will always enthrone God and dethrone Satan.” Yes, I totally agree with this.

Another thing I highlighted: “Almost always when we are being led into new territory or exploits, we will encounter warfare right at the threshold. This seems to be the place where the greatest concentration of demonic forces congregates to oppose forward progress and attempts to halt our crossing over.”

I see this with new believers, sometimes things will start happening to them to stop them deepening their relationship with Jesus. They will be full of excuses why that can’t do things.

If you want a book to encourage you to take the next step  in areas of your life this book will take you there.

Visit Barbara here.

Grab a copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own. 


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