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Love Leads by Dr. Steve Greene July 12, 2017

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This book will help you see that love and leadership are not mutually exclusive learn that without love, you cannot be an effective leader.

The one action verb most frequently missing from various manifestos on leadership is love. In Love Leads Dr. Steve Greene shares real-life examples, principles, and exhortations of the love of a leader.

You will discover what it looks like to lead with love—is there a process of love? is tough love really love?—and you will view leadership as it’s never been seen before as Dr. Greene dispels the myths and misconceptions many have come to accept about leadership.

The real-life principles in this book are fully supported throughout by the actions of God who “so loved that He gave…,” leading you to see with new insight that the true essence of leadership is love.

My thoughts:

This is a must read for anyone in any type of leadership position. I can apply this book to several areas of my life.

Unfortunately, the majority of leaders in this world aren’t Christians and won’t even pick up this book. But can you imagine how our world would change of leaders lead with love?

For me I looked at this book through the eyes of a mother, worship leader and teacher. If I put into to practice the things in this book many things will look different in my life.

There are many good quotes in this book, here are a few:

“Consistency cannot be faked. It is revealed.”

“If we aren’t struggling with opportunities, projects, or people, it’s possible we have reached a plateau.”

“Without influence a leader will resort to using fear and intimidation as a means to an end.”

“Once leaders are anointed, he opportunity for them is to remain fresh with their calling.”

I highlighted so much more, but that is a taste. If you have leadership in any area of your I highly recommend this book.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own. 


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