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The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere September 5, 2017

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London, 1879

Forced to Leave All She Loves Behind, She Seeks a New Life in a City Bursting with Opportunity, But Fraught with Danger

When a series of circumstances beyond her control leaves Rosalyn Bernay alone and penniless in London, she chances upon a job backstage at a theater putting on the most popular show in the city. A talented musician and singer, she feels immediately at home and soon becomes enthralled with the idea of pursuing a career on the stage. That is, as long as the shadows from her past don’t catch up with her.

After a hand injury forces Nate Moran from his army regiment in India, he returns home to London, a place that holds bitter memories. He agrees to fill in temporarily as a stagehand while his brother recuperates from a broken leg, but Nate is counting down the days until he can rejoin his regiment. His future is decided–until he meets a beautiful woman who has found a new lease on life in the very place Nate yearns to leave behind.

My thoughts:

What a great debut novel.

First, I had to love this book and the fact that much of it takes place in the theater. It was so fun to learn a bit more about Gilbert and Sullivan and how some of these musicals came to be. This was right up my alley.

For the most part this book starts with a bang and I had to see what happened next. As I read I did loose some of that sense of urgency but still enjoyed it. I would have liked to see a little more tension between our hero and heroine. There was some but I think it could have been played up a bit more.

But I will definitely be looking for the next book in this series. I really did enjoy it and can only imagine that the books will get better and better.

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Week Six on my Journey to Health September 1, 2017

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I have completed six weeks of exercise and healthy eating. I am discovering new recipes that are yummy and healthy and some that are healthy but not so yummy, oh well, we won’t be making those again.

This week was a challenge as I had to go back to work. I am getting up at five in the morning to exercise and then doing my devo. Getting up to workout is not fun, I don’t want to do it but I am seeing the benefits and I never regret is afterwards.

I know this isn’t about loosing weight but I  have gotten on the scale and I have lost nine pounds so far. I really believe changing the way I eat is having a greater impact then the exercise but I don’t really know. But I believe exercising is extremely important. I think the combination of both have contributed to the fast weight loss.

The thing that sort of frustrates me is that no one has noticed and just as I think those thoughts I watch a video from Faithful Workouts and Michelle talks about whose glory am I doing this for. It was a great reminder that it doesn’t matter if people notice if I’ve lost weight or not, I am doing this for God’s glory, so I can be healthy and live a longer life and be with my future grandchildren and enjoy retirement with my husband and share the love of Jesus with others.

Here are some yummy recipes I have really enjoyed one for breakfast and one for a snack.

This one is an overnights oats recipe. I  have tried overnight oats before and didn’t like them but this recipe is so good. Click here.

This one is for a snack. I ended up rolling these up into balls. Make sure you actually use the food processor and not the blender, I ended burning mine up . . . long story. They taste like apple pie but so good for you. It satisfies that sweet craving I get at night. Click here.

I love eating things God created in it’s most natural state, He really did know what He was doing when He created the earth, why have we gone to such lengths to change it and put it in boxes? But we tend to do that with God don’t we, we put Him in a box or at least try to. Hmmm . . . something to think about.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!