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Between Two Shores by Jocelyn Green February 14, 2019

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The daughter of a Mohawk mother and French father in 1759 Montreal, Catherine Duval would rather remain neutral in a world tearing itself apart. Content to trade with both the French and the British, Catherine is pulled into the Seven Years’ War against her wishes when her British ex-fiancé, Samuel Crane, is taken prisoner by her father. Samuel claims he has information that could help end the war, and he asks Catherine to help him escape. Peace appeals to Catherine, even if helping the man who broke her heart does not. But New France is starving, and she and her loved ones may not survive another winter of conflict-induced famine. When the dangers of war arrive on her doorstep, Catherine and Samuel flee by river toward the epicenter of the battle between England and France. She and Samuel may impact history, but she fears the ultimate cost will be higher than she can bear.

My thoughts:

I love the detail Jocelyn puts into her books, so rich with history.

From the beginning we are tossed into the life of Catherine and her father and this odd relationship.

I appreciated Catherine’s spirit and Samuel’s desire to protect her.

I so wanted the misunderstanding that happened between them to be cleared up, but that isn’t easily done of course, that wouldn’t make an interesting book.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and history we got a taste of.

Visit Jocelyn here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own. 


2 Responses to “Between Two Shores by Jocelyn Green”

  1. carylkane Says:

    Wonderful review, Melissa!

  2. Dianna Says:

    So looking forward to this book! Jocelyn Green’s novels are exquisite.

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