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Indestructible by Blake K. Healy February 26, 2020

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Learn about angels and demons from a man who can see them.

This book will teach you how to battle your spiritual struggles from the winning side so that you can be victorious both in your life and in the issues happening in today’s world.

Many Christians limp through their lives feeling beat up by the enemy, their circumstances, and internal strife. They look at the pattern of world events with a sense of hopelessness. Too often they simply accept these as the natural trials and challenges of life. However, other Christians acknowledge that there is a war happening, a battle between angels and demons. They want to know: What are the rules of engagement for this battle? What weapons do we have? What kind of enemy are we facing? Is this battle always happening, or are there moments of rest and peace? Am I really meant to fight in a battle where I can’t see my enemies or my allies? Blake Healy has seen angels and demons since he was a small child. In this book readers will discover what Healy has learned about the nature of spiritual warfare after over thirty years of seeing in the spirit. They will learn the truth about how they can be victorious in both their personal battles and the battles that are happening in the world. And they will see how they can truly feel as if they are fighting their spiritual battles from the winning side. This book will:

  •  Teach readers how to posture their hearts and minds for personal spiritual battles as well as global spiritual warfare
  • Show readers how to live from the victory Jesus won on the cross
  • Give readers insight into the nature of spiritual warfare—how we fight, what winning looks like, our authority as Christians, and how much power the enemy has
  • Indestructible will show readers how to have complete victory in their daily spiritual battles and join the front lines as heaven invades earth

My thoughts:

I have read all of Blake’s books and enjoyed them. However, this book is the most practical and applicable of them all.

I loved how Blake shared Tactics and Traps of the enemy and at the end of each chapter he asks question so you can identify if this is an area you struggle with. I always thought I struggled with fear but based on his questions I don’t really have that issue. But there were others I do deal with. After you reflect on those questions you he gives you resources to read to help in that area. I have added many books to my wish list 🙂

The next part is how to become indestructible. Another powerful part of this book and he also gives resources here.

One area he talked about was community. I never have given that much thought and honestly, I like being by myself, I struggle to connect with people and have the desire to do so. I like my quiet time. But he shared a very powerful story about the power of having a community of friends to be there for you.

I had only one concern and that was with a book he recommended. Apparently, it is based on the Enneagram stuff. I know a lot of Christian do this, and I don’t know much about it, I have never looked into it, but I have also heard other Christians warn against this, that is has pagan roots and we really shouldn’t be messing with it and it is very self focused. Like I said, I don’t know much about any of that, only what I have heard, but wanted to caution you about that, I am not endorsing that at all.

Other than that word of caution, I highly recommend this book.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me. All opinions are my own.


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