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Hope is a Dangerous Place by Jim Baton April 7, 2020

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Seventy-five years ago, fifteen-year-old Hope McCormick disappeared. To remember her, the newly incorporated town was named “Hope.” When high school friends Kelsey and Harmonie begin looking into this unsolved mystery, they discover that someone will do anything to make sure the town’s secrets never come to light. Which neighbors are allies, and which face masks a violent enemy? And what will it take for their struggling town to fulfill its original destiny of hope?
The Hope Trilogy is written for those who are hungry for God’s revival and transformation of their communities.

My thoughts:

This book definitely will grab your attention from the beginning and there really is never a dull moment.

I liked Harmonie and Kelsey and their quest for the truth, and it was obvious someone did not want them to find that truth. I was interested to see who this town would change.

A couple of things seemed a bit off for me. One was that it felt like it was set more in the 50s or 60s with the racial tension. Maybe I live in a bubble and this kind of stuff does still happen and I just don’t see it. I know there is racial tension just don’t know if it is a predominant as this book depicts.

Also, as a teacher myself, there were things that happened in the school that just would never happen for real. A police officer interrupting a class and asking the teacher questions in front of the class, yeah, that would never happen. There were a couple of other things that are unlikely to happen but many unprofessional teachers would do, like tell their students they have an alcohol problem, also an impromptu field trip and taking your students off school grounds in your own vehicle, that is not realistic. But I can let those things slide and get back to the story.

This would probably not be sold as a Christian book by Christian publishers. There is quite a bit of swearing. However, there is a strong Christian message. To me this actually made the characters more real. they weren’t all Christians and the teenager that is raised by the pastor is likely to swear. So, just a heads up if you don’t want to read a book that uses curse words.

With all that being said, it really as an interesting read with an engaging plot.

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A copy of this book was given to me by the author. All opinions are my own. 


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