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Secrets of the Happy Soul by Katie Orr May 20, 2020

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Experience the Deep Delight You Were Made For

How do some people do it? They rise above the circumstances and distractions of life and remain consistently happy. For the rest of us, the pursuit of lasting happiness can be exhausting. No matter how much we try, dissatisfaction and discouragement inevitably return.

But what if there is another way? A true path to happiness that is far better than chasing an elusive ideal? In Secrets of the Happy Soul, Katie Orr shares six clear ways to nurture the Happy Soul already within us. Through key teachings from the book of Psalms, you will learn how to
· seek God in everyday moments
· grow your resolve to follow His way
· cultivate a growing love for God’s Word
· develop a deep-rooted relationship with God
· be confident in God’s will for your life
· surrender to the Lord and experience daily delights found in His presence

Uncover the secrets of the Happy Soul and experience the satisfying, fruitful life you crave.

“What I love most about this book is that the secrets Katie reveals are not simply steps to rehearse or goals to reach for. Katie digs much deeper to show us how the secrets of a Happy oul are the unlimited riches already deposited in every Christ follower, and she unpacks how to work them out in our everyday lives.”–JEANNIE CUNNION, author of Mom Set Free

Katie Orr
 is passionate about helping women enjoy God daily. As a conference speaker, prolific author, and online Bible coach, she provides biblical teaching and relevant resources to help women jump-start their journey toward walking with Jesus. Katie and her pastor-husband have three children and serve together in the local church. Learn more at

My thoughts:

I almost didn’t pick up this book to review because anything the tells me I can have a happy soul seems “new age-y” to me. But the cover looked so pretty I couldn’t resist. So I grabbed it and I’m glad I did.

This was a very good book with some practical answers. I never realized how many verses in the Bible use the word happy. I have always thought of happiness as a temporary feeling and joy as something I should really  attain to. But there are many verses that say we will be happy. Interesting.

So many good things to highlight in this book. On page 56 the author says. “Our actions ought to point others to see God’s greatness, not our own.”

The other thing she wrote that profoundly impacted me was on p. 66, (she is referencing when we read out Bible): “‘What does this teach me about who God is?’ This the primary purpose of the Bible: to specifically reveal to us the character of God.”

These are just a few of the insightful things Katie talks about in her book, but it is full of nuggets of truth and wisdom.

Visit Katie here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher. All opinions are my own. 


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