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Daughter of Cana by Angela Hunt May 26, 2020

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How Will Walking in Yeshua’s Footsteps
Forever Change Her Life?

Thomas and Tasmin, twin siblings hired to oversee a wedding feast in Cana, worry when the host runs out of wine . . . until a guest tells Tasmin to have the servants fill the pitchers by the gate with water from the cistern. Reluctantly, she obeys–and is amazed when rainwater turns into the finest wine ever tasted in Cana.

When Thomas impulsively decides to follow the teacher from Nazareth, the twins argue bitterly. Tasmin refuses to be abandoned or to let her brother be taken in by a magician-prophet. When he departs anyway, she decides to follow the Nazarene’s group, aided by Jude, younger brother to Yeshua of Nazareth, and do whatever she must to mend the fractured relationship, reveal the truth, and bring her brother home.

My thoughts:

This was a very interesting look at what Jesus’ brothers might have thought about Jesus and also the doubt of others who saw what Jesus was doing.

We start with Tasmin and she is very doubtful of who Jesus is. Then we she connects with Jude, one of Jesus’ brothers that doubt is magnified. If his own brother doesn’t believe that Jesus can really do these miracles why would Tasmin?

There was a lot of traveling in this book, but I suppose that might have been true to life back in these times and many dangers that surround foot travel.

I didn’t love this book, but it was good and definitely gave me a new perspective on how Jesus’ family might have reacted to him.

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