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Find More Money by Art Rainer June 17, 2020

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What do you do when cutting your budget no longer cuts it?

From pastors in the pulpit to people in the pews, many people have cut and cut, but still find themselves struggling to pay the bills. Their full-time job is giving them barely enough to get by; how could they even begin to think about eliminating debt, saving, and living generously?

Financial expert and author Art Rainer (The Money Challenge; The Marriage Challenge) helps answer these questions in Find More Money by pointing readers to the reality of the gig economy. When a full-time job doesn’t provide what you need, finding a “gig” may be the answer to your problems.

Find More Money is not just about financial stewardship, but about stewarding your talents, time, and abilities—not so you can get rich, but so you can live generously on mission for the kingdom.

My thoughts:

I requested to review this book when things got a bit tight around our house. Planning for a graduation party and sending my daughter to college…things get pricey.

Basically this book talks about getting a side gig, working a second job essentially. Even though I found the book interesting I really didn’t see this working for me. I could work an extra job during the summer but this summer my schedule is crazy with making up things from COVID-19. Not sure someone wants to work around my family stuff.

So I started to sort of dismiss the advice and then towards the very end something clicked and I wondered, “why have I never thought of doing this before?” I have totally thought of something I could do that would enhance my actual job and potentially make more money doing something I love. Which is what the author talks about. Basically it took the whole book for me to put together everything the author suggested for me to get a possible idea.

Overall, the advice is sound and doable and I love how he builds his advice off the Bible.

Visit Art here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own. 


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