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Winning the War Within by Jason Vallotton with Kris Vallotton July 1, 2020

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Most people go through life trying not to get hit. We work hard to avoid conflict and even daydream about a “whole new world”–instead of learning how to confront the conflict within and create a world worth living.

After walking out of his own prison of crushing heartbreak, Jason Vallotton shares his story as a poignant, evocative illustration of God’s grace and healing. With a contribution from his father, bestselling author Kris Vallotton, Jason will teach you how to work through pain and turn the darkest of days into your greatest victories.

If it seems incomprehensible that good could ever come from the broken places, it’s time to discover that God will not only heal your wounds but use the healing process to restore your shattered dreams. Let Him help you fulfill the longings of your heart.

Disclaimer: A few weeks ago I watched American Gospel on Netflix. This has, and continues, to change my faith and is bringing my focus back to the Word and the Gospel. Unfortunately, I signed up to review several books by authors I don’t necessarily agree with any longer. In fairness, I am still trying to read them for gold, but now I am seeing a lot of things I never would have saw before that I no longer agree with or I am questioning. I think it’s only fair that I tell you that and the bias I am coming from.  

My thoughts:

Jason Vallotton has a powerful testimony of how God worked in his life after his marriage ended. He knows heartache and pain and he knows he must rely on Jesus to get him through.

I can see where a lot of people might read this book and find comfort and even walk toward healing.

In the chapter entitled “The Power of Forgiveness” Jason wrote something I agree with: “Compassion literally activates true forgiveness, therefore releasing you from the emotional and spiritual bondage of unforgiveness.”

I agree with that completely. Once I saw my abuser with compassion instead of hate it was much easier to extend forgiveness to him.

But the deeper I got into the book the more I cringed with the self-reliance this book promotes instead of God-reliance. He talked about walking a woman through healing and telling her to say, “I love myself.” Yikes!! Don’t we need to know God loves us before we can even begin to love ourselves? I can say I love myself but until I know that God loves me nothing much will change. Then he has her says, “I forgive myself.” Shouldn’t we be focused on God forgiving us before we work on forgiving ourselves? If I don’t get that God forgives me how could I ever forgive myself.

In a later chapter he tells the reader to pay attention to your feelings and take personality tests…really? My feelings change depending on the day, minute and time of the month. I don’t think I should pay too much attention to those.

I could share more that I take issue with but then I feel like I am being mean. A month ago I probably would have eaten this book up but now my heart has changed and I think getting more grounded in a Biblical foundation and I don’t feel like this book does that. My opinion only.

Visit Jason here.

Grab your copy at your local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your favorite retailer.

A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher. All opinions are my own. 


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